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Humor in Covid Days


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I was in Cameroon once for a couple of weeks (and my knee has never quite recovered lol)! Most of that time I was in Korup Nat'l Park.

You were lucky. Being anywhere else is the pits. My friend tells me he will never go back, even for a visit, as the whole place is so corrupt. He once worked for a businessman who gathered used PC's to ship to Cameroon. A whole boxcar full. They got to the Cameroon where, to allow the ship to dock he had to pay a fee. Then, each day, to let the ship stay, he had to pay a fee. Then, to get the workers to unload the ship he had to pay a fee. Of course he had to have trucks to carry them to the city and for each truck to go to the ship to get a load of PC's, he had to pay a fee. Then another to leave the dock. On the way to the city the trucks had to pass through various toll booths (some of them quite temporary) and pay a fee. The city had to be paid for the "import" of PC's, and the various departments and officials all got some payment as well. Since he didn't have cash for all the fees, they often took their cut out in merchandise. Of the thousands of PC's sent only about 40 got to the shop. And after paying the landlord for the right to sell them in his shop (in addition to the rent), he ended up selling less than 10. That was 15 years ago and it's only gotten worse.

Yeahhhhh... I was part of a volunteer group working with botanists (whose work was in the Park). So I didn't have pay any of the fees, but our botanist leaders were forever having to fork over cash to somebody or other.

Edit: That was in 1996!


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The Unbeliever

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The real meaning behind certain sports team names:
Jets fans: Just End The Season

Leafs fans: Losers Even After Fifty-four Seasons