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Join Avalon, new fellowship for active but relaxed players


Come have fun with us at Avalon! We are a newly formed fellowship aimed at helping new players, having fun, and letting people play their game, however they like to play it.
Fighters and traders are both welcome here!

We have only a few CORE POLICIES (a necessary evil) designed to prevent misunderstandings and conflict.
1. Post and accept only FAIR TRADES (2 star rating) or better. No exceptions. Period.
2. Be nice to each other and don't cause drama.
3. Stay active. Non-active members will (of course) be removed to make room for active players.

Neighborly help is expected, but I don't feel there needs to be a separate "rule" on this, since this is simply one aspect of staying active. In truth, if you are an active and engaged player, you will WANT to offer your fellows and neighbors help daily, since doing so only helps you out too. Kind of a no-brainer there.

One last thing... we are all here to enjoy the game. We'd rather have just 3 really super-awesome members, than a full 25-member fellowship filled with issues. Therefore, violating any of our three core policies is grounds for removal.

Have fun gaming, and come hang out with us while you're at it!