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Hello LoriMaxine


New Member
Hi, I’m new to Elvenar, but I’m dedicated. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing yet, but I’m focusing on lots of coins, tools, upgrades, and a little bit of Army (I’m not really into fighting, but I’ll do it to get what I want)! I would like to invite you to visit my town (LoriMaxine’s FantasyWorld), If you have any tips or advice, I welcome it. Thank you and have an awesome day! Sincerely, LoriMaxine


New Member
welcome to the game LoriMaxine:cool::) it doe's take time but you'll get the hang of thing's here in the game. I started this game last year in March and there's a lot of great friends here who can help You if You get stuck:).... enjoy the game my Friend.. "LilWolf de Lioncourt"
Thank you, LilWolf De Lioncourt. I appreciate your friendship and vote of confidence!!!

LilWolf De Lioncourt

Well-Known Member
that's true my Dragon Friend.. since playing this game when I started last year in March I've met a lot of great friends on here:cool:. I'm glad Your liking the game LoriMaxine:)