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Mykans Guide - Fellowships and visitation


Oh Wise One
This guide forms part of a larger guide Mykans Guide

Fellowships are a collection of up to 25 people who are able to communicate and trade easily with each other. The benefits of joining a fellowship are:
  • No trading fee
  • Increases the number of people you can visit to gain a reward from visitations
  • Increases the number of people who can visit you
  • Social interaction and advice
  • Team approach to the game
  • Support in levelling wonders (refer Wonders)
Every fellowship is different and will have different rules. If you would like to join a fellowship you will need to find one that meets your needs and playstyle. Areas that fellowships often look at when selecting players:
  • Score – Usually used to ensure you have achieved a certain technology level, certain level of development or to maintain a high rank
  • Rank – Usually used to maintain a fellowship in a high ranking
  • Technology and buildings related to goods – Used if a fellowship wants to ensure all member can benefit equally from trades or are at a similar technology level
  • Activity – Different measures and rules are regularly used when it comes to activity
    • Number of visits to fellowship members is the most common and this can vary from a daily requirement, to a few times a week to no requirement
    • Increasing score over a set time, usually a week.
    • Tournament participation
    • Talking in chat or messages
    • Amount of acceptable absence whether notified or unannounced – This varies from a set time if notification is given to no limit as long as absence was notified. Most fellowships have less patience if an absence is not announced to relevant parties.
Fellowships might use some or all of these different requirements or other unique ones. Look for a fellowship that suits your level of competitiveness, strategy and expected activity level. A fellowship that fits you will greatly enhance your play experience.

If you are in a fellowship it is polite to:
  • Notify if you are going to be absent for a while
  • Place a return date in your town name if you will be absent
  • Accept trades from your fellowship before neighbour trades
  • Polite chat – avoid conversations that could be controversial
Fellowship and neighbour visits
You can increase your money and gain supplies by visiting fellowship and neighbours regularly. Even if you are near max coins visiting everyone lets you choose how to use the excess coins to grow your city faster.

In addition to coins and supplies you can randomly find up to 3 chests per day (fixed 24 hour time frame) with varied rewards; relics, knowledge points, or spells.

Visiting other towns
For neighbours click on the world at the bottom of the screen, then select a neighbour and follow the process below for providing help. A time under the person's name shows you how long until you can help them again.

For fellowship members click on the fellowship shield under the mail icon below your name.

Click members tab

You will see different helping hands next to different people’s names

The green tick for people you have helped already, the handshake is people you can help and the gold hands are people who have helped you recently and you will gain supplies from helping them as well as coins.

Click the house button on the line for each member to visit them.

Providing help
When you are at your neighbour’s town click the hand icon at the bottom of the screen, or press “E”. You will then see hands appear over items in the city where help can be provided.

Before you click, check their town name to see if they have a preferred help. Letters are listed left to right in order of preference. Often people use:
M = Main Hall, sometimes this is abbreviated to MH or $.
C = Culture and
B = Builders, occasionally listed as BH

If the preferred option is culture aim to click the highest value building, refer list below.

If none of the preferred choice is available move to the second choice, etc. If no preference is listed select any building you feel is useful. If the person is absent for a few days then the main hall is the best assistance.

It is possible the person has no help option available for you to do. This occurs when they are upgrading their main hall and all of their culture and builder boosts have already been done.

Culture buildings with sparkles have had a spell cast on them to provide more culture. If one is available to boost you should focus on this over the buildings without sparkles. The person needs help on that building to receive the bonus from the spell.

If you receive a message that there is a treasure chest in the town then search around the edges of the town to find it.

Chests can be found in the below locations

What help should you ask for
You will need to decide what help is best for your town, whether in a fellowship or not it is a good idea to place the code for help in your town name for neighbours. At different stages of the game the different types of help will be of more use.

Main hall – Very good early in the game when you are trying to upgrade everything and grow your income stream and stockpile of coins. Also useful anytime you are low on coins and the only useful help if you will be absent for several days or weeks. If people boost your main hall while you are absent for a week you will have a very nice stash of coins upon your return. Just check you won’t max out at the time of collection or you might lose some of the coins. Hover over the main hall to see how much help has been provided before collecting it. This building can receive unlimited boosts.

Builders – Less useful early in the game unless you are playing almost constantly. A couple minutes saved is not helpful when you are playing every few hours. Your buildings only upgrade at the time you log into the game. If you start a 20 minute build then logout for 2 hours the building will only complete when you login 2 hours later. Builder boosts are very helpful later in the game, also very helpful for main hall, barracks and other buildings that have long build times like wonders. Number of boosts depends on the level of your builders hut, 1 boost per level.

Culture – One of the most common helps requested to try and get your culture bonus up to the maximum 170%. This is not helpful if you have the max bonus culture without help or even with all culture buildings boosted you won’t reach the next bonus level. Help lasts for 8 hours so you would need to collect from residences and workshops while it is active for it to be helpful. If you take a minimum culture approach this boost would not suit your strategy.

A list of cultural buildings by race

Buildings from events vary by era of the person at the time the reward was earned. Links to wiki resource for these building is:
  • Summer Solstice
  • Wonky Walter - (awaiting wiki update)
  • Halloween- (awaiting wiki update)
Other resources/guides
Best practice - visits by @WindySkies
In Depth Fellowship Guide by @taggathias
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