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All the event information is available here:
This document does not require any special program to open and copy from it, and you are welcome to share it with your friends and fellowship.
Note that there may be differences in the Live Version, compared to the one we saw in Beta, on which these notes are based.

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Personally, I don't see anything great in the event outside of the troop instants and the Aureate Willow ( cause it looks so pretty ). most all the bldgs are just repeated from past events and many are not worth the space as other bldgs will produce more or at a better rate. The evolving bldg prize for Ch16 is just more sentient goods like I need more Tree Gum?
I guess I will just try for the troop instants and coast by on the event.

If I missed something good please correct me.



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A good storyline!
The Savory Food Market slightly edges out Festival Merchants for seeds in the per tile per hour numbers.
From the stats, I looked at its the other way around based on Elven architect

Festival Merchant Chapter XVI - Embassies All Cultural 4x3 Divine Seeds 1,540 in 12:00 h 10.69

Savory Food Market Chapter XVI - Embassies All Cultural 4x4 Divine Seeds 4,100 in 24:00 h 10.68

If that's not correct please let me know, Also the 4x3 fits exactly and the 4x4 would require considerable shifting around for my city layout. So even if it was slightly better its a no-go in my case.



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I was going by chapter that pertains to me, but that's interesting it changes and not all chapters are the same.
Interesting I have never seen this before, but I guess its possible that we never looked that closely. Also, I should have specified that I don't actually need all that many Seeds I used my entire 500K stock when I went to upgrade all my MFG to max level a few weeks ago and now I am back to 300K and growing.


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I just finished the event on Beta and I do not remember seeing this in it at all. We did get a brand-new seed building that is better than either of those: Tender Tag Team.

It looks like the Savory Food Market is/was on Day 4, but you're absolutely right that the Tender Tag Team is the best per square seed bldg in the event. It's only 2x3 though, so it doesn't swap in easily. The animation is ADORABLE, so I will make them fit!


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In my middle city, where we have a lot of smalls (like, I'm Ch III and they just made me Arch for having good cheer and reading over here? has a lot of smaller players and we are purely excited about the event. I'm looking to see a lot of folks growing - this looks like an excellent event for newer players, and I'm also looking at that Tender Tag Team is a keeper as I grow. The Halfling Folk Dance as a Pop/Culture mix also makes me grin.
"Hands seventeen for a longways reel!"

Thank you @TomatoeHu again and again for your excellent event spreadsheet and lists to plot and plan by.