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Sentence Game


Well-Known Member
Wilted watermelons want wetness. AND

Xerxes xeroxed xenolith X-rays.

Thought I'd get the "x" out of the way.
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but before brilliant Brian baffled billions, big Billy badass boasted bull balls, began battling brilliant Brian before bell bonged, but before big Billy badass bowed brilliant Brian, brilliant Brian bobbed, boom brilliant Brian beat big Billy badass brazenly, beuatiful Betty bearhugged brilliant Brian, beuatiful Betty beholding brilliant Brian's backer bare, bald bouncing baby because brilliant Brian banged beautiful Betty boob, boob, beboop


New Member
The time to throw the ticker tends to take to tolls to translate, though translation tends to transmute the thinker, therefore teaching tranquility that tenders the thoughtless.

I'm on the wrong letter!

Can children curiously captivate cats caught committing catastrophe?!


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Dick Dastardly dazzles delicate Doris Day's descendant, Dick Dastardly's down, dirty demeanor disgraces Doris Day's descendants, Dick Dastardlys demeanor deemed detrimental, dreadful, deleterious denounces dapper Dan Dyke, Dick Dastardly down, dirty demeanor diabolical declares devout dopey Doug Desalva.


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I think we're on "E"?

Eleanor easily eats edame every evening easing each entree eagerly eastward exacting exhaustingly.