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spell fragment usage


Active Member
create more products or have these show more often items that are spell fragment costs only. With 30k of these I do not use them fast enough


Well-Known Member
Rewording the same suggestion that @Xelenia archived here with an explanation of why it does not fit the criteria for this sub-forum still does not make it conform to the requirements posted here
Perhaps this would be better brought up in 'General Discussions'. That way you can get responses that may help with putting it in the required format to get Inno staff to ever even see it. Remember, these forums are primarily player driven with volunteer moderators, so posts like these are never seen by anyone who has the power to do anything about them.


Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team

As with the last one...I will be archiving this as well. Saying the same thing in a different order will not make it stick ^.~. I will strongly advise to not make another.

Thank you