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Spire Shop

Spire Shop

  • In Favor

    Votes: 68 95.8%
  • Not in Favor

    Votes: 3 4.2%

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Buddy Fan Club member
It's an interesting idea. I think the team might be receptive to this change, but I'm not sure about it being for the Artifacts. It would take time to design and code, so by the time it was all ready to go we'll have already worked through most of the Artifacts in the rotating Spire prize sets (should they continue to work through them). The current Spire prize changes were in the works for months.

You assume that everyone will have gotten all the artifacts they need. I have won a whopping total of 2 artifacts since they've offered them in the world where I push the spire. So tell me how going through all the artifacts is going to make this a 'bad idea'? I need artifacts for just about everything and I never get them. I was lucky enough to get the Moonstone set in my main city. I actually have more than one, but when it comes to 'random'.... I rarely win the major prize, whether in the spire, the MA, or the events. So for those that get all the upgrades for their evolves in the events.. good for them...

I like Soggy's idea greatly.


I LOVE this idea Soggy! I hate the RNG even though last week in one fellowship I won a MR, Genie, Artifact and a DA in a single climb.
I think that people who enjoy gambling (like one-arm bandits styled gambling) like the RNG but I would much rather know my efforts were going to be rewarded. I am tired of having 45 CC in one fellowship and zilch in another.

I haven't read all the responses yet (was way too excited!) but had some ideas. What if chests gave an 'either or' prize where you could either get spire credits for the spire shop or a spin of a prize wheel that featured your usual chest goodies? Best of both worlds maybe?

EDIT: Having read through all the responses I can see where you're going with this.

So, instead of a whole separate 'spire shop' could we not just have spire essence that we can use in the MA to craft artifacts? So they would kind of be like CC or blueprints that you can accrue and use in the MA to craft both the bases and artifacts to evolve it? Inno can control availability via the MA that way.
At the end of a spire week they would be delivered via the prize pool. This would avoid the need to change too much with the spire, no need to create a shop so to speak...
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0 for 2 ?
Really? I must be out of touch, I thought this would be well received.
No, I am with you. I really lost steam in the events when your chances of winning the prize became random. It used to be prize 1 after you collected x, prize 2 etc. Then when the spinning started for set buildings, I had saved all the currency and nope. So I had an incomplete set, despite doing everything I could. Don't mind these evolving buildings, but I definitely prefer knowing if I do x, I will get the prize.


Chef - loquacious Old Dog
20% of players have a level 10 so the artifacts are useless
79.999% of players have no artifacts and win fewer than 7 making it not worth placing.

From where have these numbers been gleaned? I don't doubt their in the ballpark of accuracy, but are they just estimates of has some kind of examination/source been done/found?



Rocce Sqirl

Active Member
I like Soggy's idea for another reason. Besides getting usless artifacts (all my evolving buildings are at level 10) I am also getting WAY too many Spell Fragments. Fully a third of the prizes are spell fragments.
The just-past Spire I hit the top. Spell Fragments came up as the prize 18 times out of 46, or 37.5% of the time, total 16,000 frags.
The previous Spire I made it to Level 9, got Spell Fragments 13 of 36 times, or 36%, total 13,050 frags.
And when you add in useless artifacts which, of course, could be disenchanted to make (ta daaa) MORE spell fragments it really makes it a useless prize. Right now I have 57,000 Spell Fragments ready to use. It's making disenchanting a useless device because I'm so flooded with frags.


New Member
Summary: Remove the artifacts from chest rewards and add a Spire Shop where you can spend your points to purchase them.

Motive: The wild swing in RNG where some players get 9 artifacts and others get zero is demoralizing and sometimes Artifacts are totally useless for players who already earned a max level Evolution in the original event.

Details: Points are awarded the same as normal on the progress bar with each Fight giving 1, each Gate giving 2, and each Boss giving 3.
That means each floor gives 21 for 63 total. Additionally, every milestone that a Fellowship reaches provides 1 point for a possible 12 more.

The maximum number of points you can have is capped at 1,000 one artifact costs 100

Each artifact is in the store for 12 weeks with a new one swapped out every 6 weeks
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Possible Downsides: will update based on feedback
I like this idea. It's a yes from me. If universal artifacts don't come to fruition (although the RNG factor would still exist with universal artifacts presumably), then a spire shop, with rotating artifacts, seems like a very decent alternative. Thank you for the idea, SoggyShorts.
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I'm with you.
Most artifacts are useless to me, other than to disenchant.
If they think we need or want artifacts, put all of them in the M/A. I get them from there. I have a couple of buildings needing to get to 10.
Hurry up and bring back the library set.


Well-Known Member
I got a Stonehenge artifact in the Spire today. I tried very hard to be excited but couldn't. It doesn't seem likely that I will get enough of them to make a meaningful dent in the evolutions needed for Stonehenge, even if this was a fantastic, must-have building.

I regret I didn't start playing earlier when the phoenix artifacts were in the spire. At least I could have gotten a couple. Combined with 2-4 crafted during this event, it would have been a nice start on a firebird.

If artifacts are available in a spire shop, which I think is a GREAT idea, and they are rotated, which seems fine to me too, I think that each artifact should appear as a possible selection every 3-4 months. That's a reasonable amount of time to wait. I'm not looking forward to having to wait a year to get more phoenix artifacts.