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Spire Shop

Spire Shop

  • In Favor

    Votes: 68 95.8%
  • Not in Favor

    Votes: 3 4.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Well-Known Member
I really like this idea - but I would like it to include the other 'big' prizes - MRs, DAs, Genie etc. However, IF you get one in a chest - it locks it out of being purchased in the shop. Put the cost of those items at 63 - that way if you aren't trying to get an artifact and IF you don't win one of the better prizes it have the option to spend your points to get ONE when you complete the spire. When you consider the resources being expended to complete the spire - it would be nice to be 'gauranteed' one really good prize.


New Member
I like the idea. I would rather choose the artifact I need rather than get a random artifact I can't use. I am assuming the points earned would carry from week to week, if not used in the store, and not have to be earned anew each week - yes?


Active Member
Hey SoggyShorts, still with you...on your idea!
Now...once that decision is reached...favorably
wondering if something like a couple of bags of pet food would
...entice more folks/teams to go after the Spire?
Just an idea for add'l info should the artifact(s) be replaced in Spire.
Just hoping it might be a motivation (to approve the Shop) for developers and team mates too.
Respectfully, vees


Mathematician par Excellence
That may be how you meant it, but I was not the only one here who thought you had posted a list of demands and then stormed off, refusing to come back until the game was changed.
How would anyone get that from this? :rolleyes:

As for all of the feedback on this idea, I could see the Spire shop expanding beyond just artifacts, but that would require significant thought regarding balance and could just as easily be added later rather than at the start.

Silver Lady

Well-Known Member
It may have been addressed, but with this spire shop would all evolving bases stay in the MA rotation of bldgs until the player has either one in inventory or city?


Set Designer
It may have been addressed, but with this spire shop would all evolving bases stay in the MA rotation of bldgs until the player has either one in inventory or city?
It would be better to have the bases in the spire shop and not the MA.


In general terms, the Spire shop is an excellent idea. I would hope that it was set up to work well for players like me who are not currently in a fellowship. I love playing the Spire (did not enjoy the FAs) and would like to have more than just random possibilities to work for. I have been quite excited to win Phoenix, Stonehenge and Mermaids Paradise artifacts. This has really reignited my interest in playing. These legacy buildings are such cool “must haves.”

I’m definitely for a proposal that would allow more focused rewards for the Spire. I have a vast amount of spell fragments, far more than I can ever possibly use. I truly wish there were a mechanism like the Trader to enable exchange of things like buildings, spells, spell fragments, artifacts etc. The thing I enjoy most in the game is working on developing the aesthetics of my city - interesting buildings are at the heart of that.


Well-Known Member
I dont see why not, less work for devs and a 1-time base recipe in the MA doesn't hurt anyone.
As long as they rotate them in and out on the same schedule as the spire shop itself. Having all of them in the MA at the same time would hurt new players. They are usually a bit pricey for new people so clogging up the rotation too much would limit access to other(cheaper but useful) buildings.


New Member
I really like the idea of a spire shop (yes vote), but would like to say that if the artifacts are going to cost more than 120-150 essence it would definitely not be worth it, as that's worse than your chances now.

I saw that trading "prizes" from the spire is not possible. Would limiting it to trading "artifacts" be possible, if you also limit it to people you can trade with in your trader? I didn't get enough Stonehenge artifacts to fully evolve it, but I have no use for my mermaid artifacts...

Also, I saw a post that the Moonstone issue was fixed because you can craft it. Is that really a thing??? I have never, ever seen any Moonstone building in the Magic Academy.


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
You probably have one or more Moonstone Library sets already. The crafting is just for those who don't have any, or don't have a complete set. Sadly this limits new players to just one set.


New Member
I did finally finish my set (only 1) just before it was discontinued. Well that's a bummer for my royal restorations, but thank you so much for letting me know!

Black watch

Well-Known Member
A fine idea and with plenty of feedback that illuminates possible tweaks and avenues of progression.
Drop down menu's don't have to have a very limited amount of items within it.
There could be a substantial amount of buildings/boosts/artifacts etc there to allow for flexibility for folks of various chapters. The cost being adjusted for whatever particular item.
INNO has fought with the idea of spanning chapters and trying to make this game usable for everyone at every level in mass with tourney system. IMO, they would do better to scale their ideas to each chapter and then things become reasonable for one and all.
This idea of Soggy's could be great and with a wide spectrum of things available at a cost and scaled if needed to the current chapter a person is on to make it fair and available if need be.
Perhaps I've gone to far and I'm seeing shadows and clouds when the sky is clear and the sun is out, but there it is... :D

I'm in for a big yes!
Yes, but with some reservations. It doesn't seem to me that it solves the main problem which is that there are too many different evolving buildings, of which only one or two per year are any use at all, and that what everyone wants are artifacts for the phoenixes and bears. I think it's an interesting idea, but I'd rather see some way of converting useless artifacts for something players actually want. (ETA and that means not just "new phoenix for old phoenix" once a year but any unwanted artifact to any that you want.