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Summer Mermaids Event feedback

Tauriel Dragonwood

Well-Known Member
If you do decide to explore the Spire of Eternity and find some Mystery Chests, click on the icon at the top left of the Spire screen to open the chests. I didn’t know to do this. When a quest came up to “Gain 2 Combining Catalysts or Gain 14 Relics”, my elven instinct told me to check the Spire to see if I left anything behind. Lo and behold, there were 2 Mystery Chests still waiting to be opened, and one of them contained 2 Combining Catalysts. Yay! That quest is done, thank the elves.

I was just contacted by one of my human friends who was frantic. He thought he was stuck in the Spire of Eternity, for eternity. Rest assured my fellow elves and humans, the spirits don’t want us hanging around gawking at them. They’ve provided a way out for those who refuse to fight or negotiate. Find the button that resembles a house (bottom center of Spire screen), press it and you'll be magically whisked away to the safety of your city.


Well-Known Member
I know that I've got way more event currency than in the previous events. In previous evolving buildings events I would get barely enough for a single L10 (hit L10 with Fire Phoenix, only got L9 with Stonehenge). This event I easily got to 2x L10, and then just stopped as I've got everything I wanted from the event. I know that some people managed to get to 6x L10 with some commitment, and I really like the idea that if I really want something, I can push for it. Previously that was simply not possible.
Overall, really like the new format. More challenging to prepare, but more rewarding as well.
Like @MinMax Gamer I got way more event currency than ever before (somewhere above 20k). I got 4 MP's and tons of other stuff, some I wanted, some I liked and some I didn't. I finished 347 quests (I think if I recorded everything but could be a little more) and was stopped the next to the last day because I got the scout 2 provinces for the 12th time. I am not complaning because something would stop everyone sooner or latter, even if it is the event clock itself. I decided that this would stop me and I am comfortable with that decision.
I liked the event and found new ways to antiicpate what was coming and I did very well in it in my opinion.
I find Elvenar to be a challenge in adapting and overcoming in changing circumstances, sometimes on the fly as in this event.
One thing my 70+ years of life has taught me is that we must all find ways to adapt and overcome in these changing circumstances. We will like some of them, want some of them, not want some of them, and hate some of them. That is life. Live and learn. Grow or stagnate. The choice, as always, is your to make.

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
Probably the best way to do that, would be to scale it to chapters somehow...
Obviously something needs to be done...

Be careful with that. If everything is scaled with the chapters, then a chapter 3 player having to complete one province could turn into a chapter 9 player having to complete 3 provinces or a chapter 14 player having to complete 5 provinces. ;)


The event effectively put my entire city on hold for a month. Wanting to get to the top evolution of the Mermaids' Paradise (which I did) I had to NOT collect troops, T1B, Gold, Supplies because it might be the next quest that will want them. And I had to devote all free space to a combination of workshops and manufactories that I swapped in and out as needed because it was faster than selling/rebuilding. I wanted to progress in WoodElves more but couldn't because so much space was required for the event.

I think the quests being random is interesting but it was the case that some players tended to get stuck with ones harder to achieve more often than different players. Truly random means you could end up with an endless repeat of 2 day builds. I would structure with a decreasing probability setup. For simplicity sake lets say there are two possible quests. Each then has a 50% chance. Quest A is selected. Now Quest A has a 48% chance and B has a 52% chance. If 'A' is chosen again it's now A = 46%, B = 54& and so on. The point being that the more you see a quest the less likely you will then see it again, until eventually you end up having to play all of them at least once. But it would reduce the likelihood have getting stuck in an endless loop.

Overall a month long event is too much for me. And the events are coming too often for my liking. Events should be 'eventful', which implies not that often. The ongoing weekly tournaments are fine and enough for someone wanting to compete often. I think many players just want to manage their kingdom in peace most of the time. Yes of course a person does not need to participate in an event. But I would be constantly bothered by dropping corals, icons and messages I don't want to see, and since I am (and I think a large number of players are as well) quite obsessive-compulsive I feel compelled to try to get the top prize in any event. When I first started I didn't think there were enough events. Now I think it's gone too far the other way. I'd like a break.


So, went to see what the deal was on Facebook, and gee sure is interesting that I CAN NOT Like, Share, NOR comment on the posts to attempt to be in the "raffle". I have been in their diff groups and liked their page, yet now its like I am only allowed to be an "observer", forget about bothering to let EVERYONE participate!! Seems that Inno is just playing mind games and slapping us in the face daily now. Am just about to the point of leaving the game permanently this time.

If you are having trouble posting on our Facebook page, please contact our Suppor team so that we can investigate the issue. There can be multiple reasons for this, and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Well-Known Member
So cleaning up after the event, mermaid quest is still there, with reward blanked out. And this funny little thing:

...wonder what happens if I hit it? (I'm not gonna hit it till that's gone)


Well-Known Member
@Socrates28 I'm curious. What chapter are you up to? For chapter 4 players, this event has been a struggle.
Adapting to life’s many challenges is part of our survival instinct. But if you see something that is causing a hardship to others, it doesn't hurt to voice an opinion for an improvement, and maybe a solution.

@Tauriel Dragonwood I am at the beginning of chapter 14, Constructs. While I agree to a certain extent with the sentiment you expressed it is my experience that people further along in any game do better then people not so advanced. I think it would not be realistic to assume that a newer player would have the same experience, resources, expansions, instants, boosts, and the rest which an advanced player does and therefore would not do as well in any event.
Like you I struggled with the events I had when I was in chapter 4 and I still do. I did not like not being able to get the prizes and bonuses which I saw others getting. I decided to grow in all aspects of the game until I am where I am now. I worked my tail off to plan for what I could possibly anticipate coming. I sacrificed advancing my city to focus on the event. I read whatever information was available so that the time and effort I put into making this event was not wasted and that it was success for me and I succeeded.
To any others who are in lower chapters, learn from your failure and do better the next time. Research and prepare as best you can for the next event and you will do better and better. We learn more from our mistakes then we do from our successes. If you want to make sure that no one fails the only thing you will make sure of is that no one succeeds.

Be careful with that. If everything is scaled with the chapters, then a chapter 3 player having to complete one province could turn into a chapter 9 player having to complete 3 provinces or a chapter 14 player having to complete 5 provinces. ;)
@Enevhar Aldarion I wholeheartedly agree with you. I think sometimes people are not aware of the unintended consequences of their quest for "fairness".


Well-Known Member
Once you get to sentients you need low level buildings to make 1 and 2 day builds.

I'm aware, and I'm also aware that Inno basically shrugged their shoulders and said 'yeah, you'll need lower level buildings' when players asked them about that caveat to upgrading manufactories. Flies in the face of city optimization, but doesn't really address my musings. If players had never decided to embrace building tons of level 1 buildings for faster completion of quests and instead spoke out against having them, do you think Inno would have moved away from their inclusion and come up with different tasks instead?

...You don't have an obsessive neurological disorder, do you? Regardless, telling people what bothers them shouldn't bother 'em because it doesn't bother you isn't helpful.

I realize that my post was essentially arguing with an opinion, but as I did not make any personal attacks (and the post was not directed at you), I'd ask that you refrain from them as well.


But if you see something that is causing a hardship to others, it doesn't hurt to voice an opinion for an improvement, and maybe a solution.
AMEN. I very rarely advocate for myself, specifically, but try to see the whole picture, not simply my current place in it. Also, I adore you storytelling style commentary. : )
I realize that my post was essentially arguing with an opinion, but as I did not make any personal attacks (and the post was not directed at you), I'd ask that you refrain from them as well.
I suggest you reread what you quoted from me, because I did not make a personal attack against you.

Ah, wait, I think I understand where you perceive an insult. I wasn't accusing you of having an obsessive neurological disorder (not that it is a condition that makes a body lesser in any way, but there is still significant enough stigma surrounding mental disorders for this to be a common view, unfortunately), I was implying that you didn't and so don't fully grasp that not participating in all game aspects isn't an option for many of those who do.

Further exposition on the matter, since I'm still pondering it and you can't edit just once. Leaving off taking part in game features is fine. Participating in all features and wanting them to be playable is fine, as well. Neither route is better than the other, except by personal preference.
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Active Member
I have been of this mind all along, and complained numerous times about the necessity of a quest list (which is from, technically, a third party) in order to have much success in the events, something that strikes me as extremely unfair. It was obvious to me how the quest requirements were gradually escalating out of control in an attempt to stop players from finishing on the opening day, but that was resulting in collateral damage to those who don't visit outside sites for advanced knowledge. Really wish Inno didn't botch the current quest demands so horrifically, as I do firmly believe that the randomish route of the new system is about the only way to make a go of delivering a more equitable experience for everybody.

Wasn't expecting this tagline, but it resulted in surprised, delighted laughter.

i dont like the quest list either, but as most id love to be able to prepare a bit in advance. if i would have just finished all my provinces to start a new chapter, and the very next day an event starts that asks for a lot of provinces to complete, then i would be angry aswell. Especially if my scout takes 4 days or longer.
Imagine they would ask you to produce T4/5/6 or orcs, and you dont have a single T4/5/6 factory or armory to produce those. Id not be happy either that it takes me 10 days of upgrading or so before i can actually start doing the quest.

Sometimes a little heads up is welcome, and thats the main reason i play on beta, to get a 1-2 week preview.


but as most id love to be able to prepare a bit in advance
I can't remember who it was (sorry to whoever it was!), but they suggested being able to see a handful of quests in advance, much like it is with the main event rewards, which I believe would be a logical modification that would help all players. They gotta clean up the ridiculous, unfeasible quests demands, though. That was just... I'm still shaking my head at the dumbheadery there.


Well-Known Member
Somewhere in either this thread or another about this event the topic came up about the mystical object in crafting. I can't find the post now but someone was curious what happens if you go over 100, and I said I had and gone several crafts past before but didn't know if there was a limit...

So event's over and the mystical object glitch offering "event currency" is fixed at least for me now.

Was able to "collect" 9 times in a row (no diamonds at all!) and have 26/100 toward my next. So if there's a limit it's way up there.


Well-Known Member
What I dont understand is why anyone is bothering to post more about how "Fail, in so many ways this event was". OK you venting is good but do any of you really think the devs are listening more to what is posted here than they did when the same posts in the Beta forum covered all this. Or listening at all???

Yes Staff posted about problems seeing something on FB but anyone addressing the issues? I think not, just as expected....



Well-Known Member
How does a guy end up with 3 Mermaid Paradises?

By going through the rotation of Grand Prizes that many times. First prize was the Paradise. Then you go through the prizes and acquire 9 Artifacts. The next Grand Prize will be another Paradise. Repeat the process and you can get a third paradise. And, to be truthful, as I did a fourth. I gained 4 paradise (paradises?). I have enough artifacts to get 3 of them to lvl 10.

No, I did not buy corals. For the first 3 weeks of the event I had a huge open space and delayed starting Amuni. My choice. I used that space to build a huge junk complex and ran through several hundred quests gaining thousands of corals. There have been events when I was in the middle of a Guest race and had no room for anything extra. Planned the best way to get the maximum benefit from the corals/shells. I have no interest in putting all of the paradise in my city. 1 is good enough. I wanted the time boosters, and other daily prize buildings. By the end of the event I had 1 coral left.

Doubt very much that I will do anything like that again for a while but I was lucky and it worked out for me. That does not happen often. I can remember several events where I got very little of value and not what I really wanted. It is a crap shoot (hope I can say that.)

I know what I have said here will be interpreted as "and that is why these events are geared towards the more advanced players". Not necessarily true. I would not be able to do what I did right now. I have the full Amuni settlement in my city. The event would have been a severe and frustrating nuisance if it showed up now. They are best geared toward the player who is in the right place at the right time to take maximum advantage of the event. Who knows what things will be like when the next event shows up? Timing is everything.

Sir Squirrel

Artist EXTRAORDINAIRE and Buddy Fan Club member
I liked the random format and did very well in this event over all. I agree that some quest should have had an "or" added to them as most have already said.
I remember an event (but cant remember which one it was now) that actually had this problem addressed already, I am not sure why they fix a problem like that and then mess it up again for the next 4 or 5 events it makes absolutely no since to me how or why this happens. They really need to get their quest right and stick to them. The collect vison vapor quests were hard for me in constructs so cant imagine how hard it would be for a smaller city with less relics, especially with the randomness leaving it open for them to get that quest quite frequently, so these really need an "or" as well. The scout 2 provinces and complete two provinces where the killers for me with 3 day scouts. I used most the 20 hour time instants I won just to complete them. I would have really liked to use them for something that would help out my city. It would have been nice to have an "or" for them quests even if the "or" was added after getting 3 or so of the quest without the "or" first.

Edited to say : That wouldn't work for those that are over scouted and need orc's to complete province encounters! So the "or" would have to be on every complete province quest for every city before orc's. The "or" should be on all scout provinces quest for lower chapter cities as well as to not make them over scout an put them in a bad spot just to complete a quest for an event.
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