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Summer Mermaids Event feedback


Well-Known Member
My last word ( I hope ) on this event is that I ended up with all 6 of my large cities having the Mermaids Paradise at lv10 with extra artifacts and MPs to spare and that NEVER happened in any other event, so the quest format worked out fine just dandy. The one thing though is I have tons of time to devote to the game, so anyone with a life and stuff would not have it so easy. Even if I hadn't gotten all three to lv10 my cities I still got an enormous boost in their development from the injection of resources of all sorts in a short period of time. That alone made it worth doing the event.


Well-Known Member
So they've been sending out emails manually adjusting grand prizes, basically if you got to the "limit" that limit was supposed to not be there. Check your inventory if you maxed out grand prizes, you'll have possibly any extra paradises as well as the in-between grand prizes like wishing wells etc there too.

Tauriel Dragonwood

Well-Known Member
Id not be happy either that it takes me 10 days of upgrading or so before i can actually start doing the quest.
10 days!! That is so wrong.
We learn more from our mistakes then we do from our successes.
Very true and what I have learned is not to participate in events when the quests are random and demanding too many resources. I've also put a halt to upgrading any further buildings so I have at least a few saved for the events I can participate in. The quest demands for this event were a struggle to complete in my city that's up to Chapter 4.

In my other city, I've found the worse place to be when you start an event is in the middle of the Orcs chapter. I can't afford to spend thousands of diamonds so I haven't been able to finish research until I produce the required shrooms and loot. Therefore, not able to upgrade buildings any further.

In my opinion, the game devs have changed the game to make it extremely expensive on your city's resources to advance further in the chapters, train troops, create spells, negotiate, fight and scout provinces, to name a few. I don't think I'm wrong to say they want us to spend diamonds. Many of the friends I made playing Elvenar have left. They did not foresee that the battle system would change and had not realized they overscouted until they found out Orcs were needed to negotiate. They liked to fight in the provinces, only because it is the fastest way to gain land expansions. They could not even negotiate because of the demand for Orcs and they refused to spend diamonds in a game that was supposed to be a free online game.

What I like about Elvenar is you don't get attacked by other players. That's why I stayed but it is becoming more and more difficult for me trying to advance further in the game. Maybe if I stopped trading with my fellowship and neighbors, just horde all my goods, that would help me unlock more research. But I'm not going to do that. I'll just be patient and hope the game devs listen to our comments and improve the game.


I liked this on because I get prizes regardless of my Fellowship rank.

Risen Malchiah

Well-Known Member
I liked this on because I get prizes regardless of my Fellowship rank.
Others answered in the FA feedback thread but just for the sake of clarity, you always get the same rewards regardless of Fellowship rank. In Fellowship Adventures, everyone who contributes a badge gets the rewards when the flag is collected. It can only be collected by a higher rank to avoid accidental collection (which still sometimes happens). When your mage or archmage collects the flag, you will receive your rewards as well.