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The Buried City


I think the Buried City Event should be just another opportunity for us to have fun because that's the reason we're all here, isn't it?

I regard Elvenar a city building game (a peculiar one, indeed, but still) and I am really interested in hearing what people think about the buildings offered during this event. :)


Oh Wise One
It looks like the evolving building is going to be the best orc producer in the game. It will take up the exact same amount of space as 2 Orc Nests. And if fully evolved, it is going to produce about 2.5 times as many orcs daily as both Orc Nests combined (assuming everything is the same level). Plus it will give more culture than both Orc Nests combined and will provide population. Anybody with multiple Orc Nests in their city will be able to easily place the building simply by replacing 2 of the Orc Nests with it and doing so will improve their city.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
And if fully evolved, it is going to produce about 2.5 times as many orcs daily as both Orc Nests combined (assuming everything is the same level).
You forgot to bold, italicize, underline, circle, flash, bedazzle, and add neon arrows to "if". ;)
I wonder how the math will play out this round after the skimping of previous event. Darn, the grand prize is interesting enough that I have to put more effort into the event.


Platinum Leaf -FB
'The Buried City' questline event runs between February 22nd and March 15th.
Read all about it here: You are welcome to share the link with friends and fellowship!
NOTE: There is no guarantee that the version we have recorded in Beta server will be exactly the same as the version that goes live. Usually they are very similar - but the designers reserve the right to make changes and adjustments.



Oh Wise One
The Amuni Bar on day 1 and day 12 looks like a very good building for players who want/need tier 1 sentient goods. It is the same size as Active Crevice. But Amuni Bar straight up outproduces Active Crevice. And Amuni Bar gives both population and culture, while Active Crevice gives culture only.


As an aspiring chapter 5 city I have found that the Echoes of the Forgotten Artifact needs to be at least evolved to stage 5 to be worth my time. Stage 10 is awesome and equal with a major event set.

Other notable buildings so far are the Amuni Ship, Human Ship, and Orc Ship. The Amuni Bar is just ok (the chapter V version). Everything else is worse than what I have from the previous event. I have a cater build currently.
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Yay! Another building that gives...*wipes dust from eyes*...drone riders. :confused:
I'm not crying. It's the sand...
Thank god, my mercenary camp culdn't keep up making enough of them ;)
But seriusly, these poor bees attract all kind of enemies like honey attracting flies and they get killed in no time! Every time I have to use them, they get attacked and shreded by every thing the enemy has, including beer bottles, shoes and frying pans


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
Aww you guys quit beating on the Droners, they're very good against light ranged, decent against mages, not bad vs heavy melee either.


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Not interested in anything offered in this event. Seems another ptw for the final building. And I also miss the old style of buildings. The vibrant colors and glowing parts. The new buildings now just fade into the background in my city with the muted tones.