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Recent content by Risen Malchiah

  1. Risen Malchiah

    Discussion Tournament Changes

    Actually, there is a perfect formula and it was suggested early on in the beta feedback before all these changes went live. It would have kept the good, improved on the bad, while still keeping the spirit of what Inno wanted to do but without punishing progression so much. But it was ignored...
  2. Risen Malchiah

    Tournament Changes - Community Feedback and Data

    I don't have exact numbers to help with data collection but I have some observations and the end result of the last 9 weeks playing the new tournament format: While not as impressive as some that posted here, I had steady progress. In the old format, I worked my way up to doing as many as...
  3. Risen Malchiah

    Update v1.119 Discussion thread

    More avatars are always welcome, even if I don't end up using them myself. I like having a larger pool of avatars to select from. In fact, this is an avenue Inno should explore more. What about some premium avatars? Or premium fellowship banners? The possibilities are endless. (Just keep...
  4. Risen Malchiah

    Update version 1.118 Discussion

    Perhaps this should be revisited. I only just recently had a chance to view these features since I am taking a break from the game and am not in a fellowship. My cities are all in chapter 15 with very high tournament scores & spire activity (until this week anyway), yet all the suggested...
  5. Risen Malchiah

    Discussion Chapter 17 - Traders of Unur - Discussion

    So far from what I've seen of chapter 16 & 17, they're not worth pursuing unless the new tournaments are changed. I am comfortable where I am at the end of chapter 15. Put something in the new chapters worthwhile enough to make my tournaments harder and I'd consider it.
  6. Risen Malchiah

    Fixing a fundamental problem...

    Implementing these two suggestions (which have been "forwarded" for consideration) will also help: Local News Update, and Neighbor List for Quick Visits The quick visits that we can do for fellowship members & those in our notifications tab are SO significant that since they were introduced, I...
  7. Risen Malchiah

    Discussion Tournament Changes

    Haha I filled out this ridiculous survey. I was also quite surprised that the survey had very little to do with Elvenar. And one of the questions asked what I liked most about the game and some of the possible choices were so stupid: "Trading Goods" and "Making Spells" were in the list. Haha...
  8. Risen Malchiah

    Discussion Tournament Changes

    What I think would be fair would be if the tournament difficulty was based on *mandatory* squad size upgrades alone, ignoring expansions & AW levels. Then let optional squad upgrades improve the ratio between our troops & the enemy, thus allowing people to push slightly deeper into the tourney...
  9. Risen Malchiah

    Discussion Tournament Changes

    This is significant. If I drop from doing 50 provinces down to 30, then even if we get all 9 new chests, it won't cover half of the KP I'm losing. And I don't expect us to suddenly have 25 players doing 6k+ in the new tourney system on a regular basis.
  10. Risen Malchiah

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    After a few minutes, it's not too bad. It's certainly interesting. Of course, yes, it does take time to hunt through the forest mini-game to *find* the chests and spirits rather than just opening chests.
  11. Risen Malchiah

    'New Fellowship Adventures feedback

    Thank you so much for working for free. I will send you some Twinkies. ;)
  12. Risen Malchiah

    Discussion Tournament Changes

    Now that I've had the chance to try it on my main cities, here's the good, the bad and the ugly. The Good: 1. Reducing encounters down to 1. This is saving a LOT of time. I thought the randomized encounters would slow me down but I've become adept at making split second decisions after years...
  13. Risen Malchiah

    Finding Places and Hidden Spaces

    Hmm, voting is open and I am apparently the only one who has voted so far. Perhaps those who are interested in this idea have forgotten and need a bump to come back and take a second look. :P
  14. Risen Malchiah

    'New Fellowship Adventures feedback

    Well I for one appreciate both @Jackluyt and @SoggyShorts as they both bring valuable insight to the game. If there was ever a contest where players can nominate someone to get free diamonds, those would be my first two. Heck, if Inno really wanted to transform this game, both for the endgame...
  15. Risen Malchiah

    Discussion Spire of Eternity feedback

    I don't need the fragments either but their presence doesn't annoy me in the early stages. It's their presence in stage 3 that bothers me, particularly toward the end.