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Recent content by Sir Bently

  1. Sir Bently

    Other Comments Warning window when accepting 0 and 1 star trades

    It is becoming a big problem it's just not new players but it's also older players I told my fellowship not to accept those kind of trades, it's not only unfair to a fellowship but it's unfair to them. It's stealing and I think Inno should do something about it, it's supposed to be wrong a is...
  2. Sir Bently

    Hello Just started playing

    Welcome PhyPumpkin to the forum
  3. Sir Bently

    In Game Spam

    Lelanya isn't the only one that got that spam I got it too this morning I deleted it, anyway just letting you know helya
  4. Sir Bently

    What happens when you run out of space in you city?

    Sambria it does take time to get expansions unless you want to spend real money to buy diamonds, I have been playing for a few years and I never have used real money to buy diamonds and I won't cause it gets expensive. As some of the members here have stated and I agree with them you have...
  5. Sir Bently


    Bad idea !
  6. Sir Bently

    Poachers, Punters & Pretty Pleasers

    Eudaemonia I will see if I can't help you out
  7. Sir Bently

    Help how to avoid defeat in encounters

    HolyRobie you also can go to Wiki in the help tab it has all kinds of information about the game
  8. Sir Bently

    MH location

    I have my MH in the middle of the playing field it can be plainly seen and not hid off in the corner or hid behind other buildings and I left plenty of room between my residence so I can upgrade them I prefer my Main Hall's in the middle
  9. Sir Bently

    Next Fellowship Adventure

    Whatever you prefer but I rather send a personal message makes it more personal and more clearer just to get the point across
  10. Sir Bently

    Next Fellowship Adventure

    As I was stating helya has a job to do and she is good at it, very good at it she gets the brunt of everything that doesn't go as people think it should it's not her fault it's Inno's and the Developers of Elvenar helya is the CM not the Moderator but she probably has to do that also, there's no...
  11. Sir Bently

    Next Fellowship Adventure

    Put the Blame on where it lies (INNO)
  12. Sir Bently

    Next Fellowship Adventure

    I have never heard of so much whining in my life as this bunch of whiny suckbottle babies this is flipin retarded, complain about this complain about that, just a whole bunch of flipin Drama The forum was created to help players old and new alike and get vital information to help players in...
  13. Sir Bently

    Hello Hi Everyone

    CrystalBlue welcome to the forum
  14. Sir Bently

    Player search

    It may be that he got moved to a different place cause just recently everyone got moved around ( Big Migration) as most players call it Inno/ Elvenar developers decided to move everyone around so that each player would be in a more active area so they said My suggestion to you would be is to...
  15. Sir Bently

    Let new FS members play tourney/spire

    When I first started playing you could jump right in as a new player, myself I do like how they changed it to what it is now (The Cool Down) As I said before If It Ain't Broke Leave It Alone the old way was fine it needs to be changed back so that new player's can participate in Tournaments and...