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Recent content by turfboss

  1. turfboss

    New player seeking guidance and fellowship!

    can't be very active if player has not been seen for a year!!!
  2. turfboss

    Heroes of Elvenar Actively Recruiting

    Why is this post here - this is for members seeking fellowships - NOT fellowships seeking members
  3. turfboss

    Starting Sentient goods production

    Got it - thanks for the inputs - Thank you NightshadeCS -- Yes - this is the original answer I was hoping for and I figured from other responses how to get started and I guessed that I would need two Planks factories to produce a needed about of Tree Gum (Pheryll had suggested one would be...
  4. turfboss

    Starting Sentient goods production

    Thank you - that is what I was missing - I was just clicking on the normal 3 hour production till this evening when I was ready to set the 9 hour for overnight and saw your message - so OK now I underestand - DUH - how my steel factories produce sentient goods. Another input told me I really...
  5. turfboss

    Help Phoenix Fire Damage %

    Just for clarification -on the additive powers of the bonuses. I placed all three of the Phoenix eggs - I am elovling the fire phoenix and will be at 45% tomorrow - I cannot evolve any of the other eggs but the Aureate comes with a 15% bonus on manufacturing goods and I have a !96%...
  6. turfboss

    Starting Sentient goods production

    Thanks - and yes I think I understand that - the question is how do I get my steel factory to produce the sentient good (platinum) I need to activate the techs requiring platnium as one of the activation goods. BTW I have not received any quests in this chapter yet to do anything meaningful -...
  7. turfboss

    Colonies- [Chapter 15 and beyond]

    Or we could travel via a space portal and establish a colony in that new world which might be one of two kinds of new world (1) it could be a bit more primative and would require fighting and perhaps a more primative (slower) growth of the colony - and adaption here might be more like the...
  8. turfboss

    Starting Sentient goods production

    sorry I did find the link to search so am doing that now - but unless I find something I will still need help
  9. turfboss

    Starting Sentient goods production

    How does one start sentient goods production - I am well into chapter 12 - and have upgraded my steel factories for level 24 - production says they should be producing sentient goods - and it looks like they are ready to but they are not - I am only getting regular goods production. My...
  10. turfboss

    Help Phoenix Fire Damage %

    OK - additive not multiplicative -- thanks for the information
  11. turfboss

    Help Phoenix Fire Damage %

    can someone confirm for me that the damage provided by the Fire Phoenix (i'mcurrent at 40%) is calculated based on the damage levels I have already attained for various troop types - for example my Dragon Abby (at current level) provides a 109% damage value for my Mage units - so since the birds...
  12. turfboss

    I need help here's the question

    I think Nonchalant has probably hit the nail on the head - My credit card companies always block me when I travel abroad and since I also do Internet Marketing I often have to approve payments to the UK, Germany, etc. Pay Pal now knows how and where I buy so I do not have much problem there...
  13. turfboss

    Keepers of Light looking for active players

    Keepers of Light has been active for over 3 years and we are changing our requirements for active palayers - We currently have 5 openings and the group has decided that we would like to be more involved with each other and specifically in the tournamnets - our goal is to become a 10 chest FS...
  14. turfboss

    Evolving Phoenixes

    thanks for the reply's - I did find the information (and a lot more that was relevant) in https://elvengems.com/phoenix-2019/sequential-quests/ - and the related tabs at that location
  15. turfboss

    Evolving Phoenixes

    I assume as an analogy for the fire phoenix that the bird has to be fed for the extra "fire power" to be added to my troops - I have evolved to a plus 20% and found that in the first use of the bird (it was in fact eating at the time) that my ability to win battles was significantly easier -...