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  1. Teleport Building Question

    I cannot figure out when the teleport building spell is useful. I tried it once thinking it would still continue to produce but it does not. It also uses resources to put back. At my current level (III) I can see no practical use for it. TIA.
  2. DrakonXD

    Add a Buildings Storage

    Basically in the buildings bar on the bottom of the screen, add a box, and when clicked, a screen pops up and gives you the options to add to storage or to take buildings out of storage. You can select which buildings to put into storage. No cost or anything, and there is no time limit either...
  3. Silver Lady

    Lost Mana Tears - What Happened?

    I cancelled building a Marble Grafting Site because I meant to build a Steel Grafting Site. When I tried to build the steel site I couldn’t because none of the 2000 mana tears were returned when I cancelled the marble site. Is this how it’s supposed to work or did I find a bug?
  4. 25 Ladies Laughing

    Hello All! Whether you are new or have been around a long time, we are looking for ACTIVE players that like to Chat! We believe the game is fun and our fellowship will be a group of folks that like chatting, helping others, and competition. Check out "25 Ladies Laughing" fellowship for our...
  5. Wood Elf -> Sorcerers Building Size InfoGraphic

    The following graphic visually gives you an idea of how the buildings are changing in the upcoming chapter that just went up on beta. I was able to make this in the amazing www.elvenarchitect.com tool. This tool is updated way faster then the wiki site. Props @Konniver! Think of the left...
  6. Building/Paths

    I would like to have something like some other games (forgot the names), where you can move your buildings to your building inventory or something so that you can move your buildings around without selling them or getting more land.. This would help me and probably everyone out because the...
  7. Building holding Bank

    Please give us the ability to hold a building or buildings off screen to redesign the city. My thoughts are to slide a building off a developed area so you can reshuffle building locations, you would not have the ability to leave screen until All buildings are back on developed land.
  8. Newbie growth questions

    Hello esteemed Elven and Human members. I have recent;y moved into the area and have run into things wanting to be levels that require larger footprints. Province exploration is becoming a problem too, because the armies are getting tougher and mine isn't yet, so I can't just keep unlocking them...
  9. downgrade buildings

    Can't it be made possible to downgrade buildings again? Sometimes when I'm stumped for space I'd gladly downgrade some buildings so their size becomes smaller again instead of having to sell them (at a great loss) and then have to rebuild than from scratch when I have the space again. Or when I...
  10. builder help-does it work?

    Can anyone tell me what exactly is supposed to be the effect of motivating the builders (i.e. giving the neighbourly help to them) When people help my builders I really see no difference at all in production times at all. Not with the buildings they are already working on, nor with new ones. My...
  11. New Player Questions

    There is so much to read and learn about the "how to" of the game. I've only been playing a few days and I have questions. What is a good number of each building to have, as far as the Goods buildings, residences, Barricks, Armories, and the various production buildings? Space is so limited...
  12. Make buildings smaller with next guess race?

    This suggestion has to do with Guest Races; Progress of the Game after Completing Tech Tree; Strategy; and ultimately the Game Direction. I'm not exactly sure where to post my ideas because it's more of a general game concept rather then any specific item. This game is a "building game"...