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  1. Province Expansion Issues

    Just doing a sanity check and seeing if anyone else encountered this: I'm playing in Elcysandir and completed the required amount (8) of Provinces to receive the free Province expansion. When the pop-up (that we all love) showed up that it was available, I clicked on Buildings>Expansions...
  2. Too much expansion

    I've seen it mentioned in some posts that you can expand your map beyond your research. How do you know if you've done that?
  3. Does anyone know how large our cities can grow to?

    Just looking at the number of expansions that are ultimately available through city, province, and premiums options, it doesn't look like there is enough space on the map if you were to somehow acquire all of them. Does anyone know the maximum size a city can grow to?
  4. Earned Expansion - No where to put it????

    Just earned an expansion by completing the required number of provinces. The problem? I now have an expansion with no where to put it! Done with the contest. Nothing left to research. Can't use the expansion that I earned. Remind me - why am I still playing this game???? Oh, I have a...
  5. Hello New Member Question

    Hi, I've only been playing a day and am wondering if it's possible to relocate a city expansion once it has been placed. If so, I haven't figured it out yet and would appreciate some guidance. Thanks!
  6. [9310] New Expansions are not showing up in build menu.

    The issue is the world screen told me I received an expansion. But when I go into the build menu its all grayed out like I don't have one. I have been working hard at getting expansions, now I cant get them. It sucks. This happened in the world of Elcysandir. My user name is tatrol60. I am...
  7. Addressing land/expansion issues

    I currently cannot expand anymore.Therefore I can't build more or increase ranking. I have two ideas for this. One is to expand to a 10x10 grid. Will help somewhat for a while. The second is to have upgrades that shrink buildings and allow upgrades of cultural buildings. Higher ranked...
  8. We need the ability to upgrade culture structures

    In a reply to another post in a different thread, I proposed the following: Allow us to upgrade the culture structures so that we can increase available culture points. Right now we've got the really crappy situation: You need to cram in as many goods-producing building as you can, because...