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  1. Are you looking for a Fellowship?

    The Fellowship Serenity of Extinction New player? seasoned player wanting to put your feet up?.......Our fellowship is tailored for the player that wants to advance without the pressures or demands like daily rounds, daily trades or you must! chat. 1/ Visits per week, 3 or 4 would be nice, but...
  2. A Few Ideas, comments requested

    I have a few ideas on dealing with some of the issues confronting both The game developers and their customers, You and me. The first issue is player retention and lost players on the map. Change the Help screen to add The Wiki to Support and Forum, why should I have to google Elvenar wiki ...
  3. Unicorn Army

    Hey wonderful people! Are you a Unicorn or want to be one? Looking for: Active Players ranked 3500 or better, post Fair Trades, Boosting neighbors 3x a week or more. We have a really friendly group of players that love to help each other out! We want someone who will stick around and want to...
  4. Log In

    So I was just able to create an account on here due to it not recognizing my email or username for the game. After logging into the forum I can't log back into the game. It is saying that it does not recognize my email nor my username on the game now instead of the forum. I just had to reset my...
  5. Culture Guide

    This is a list of all cultural buildings that are able to be "helped" and their worth. The first column is the name of the cultural building (sorted by race), the second is whether or not it requires diamonds. The third column is the total amount of culture you get from the building (keep in...
  6. Slow coin harvest.

    Well this is happening since a few days ago, I will say the problem but I don't have the time to fill all the information you ask for posting a problem.. also kind of ridiculous!! When you help any neighbor city or player in your fellowship, you have to wait 10 seconds before be able to load...
  7. Member of Fellowship not showing up as Helping

    Our Fellowship has recently encountered a member who has Helped everyday, but is not showing up to her fellow member as having Helped. This has gone on for more than 2 weeks. Has anyone else encountered this?
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