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  1. KonTiki

    Summonings Inventory: Search or Sort

    Would absolutely love to be able to sort or search the summonings inventory. It has become increasingly more onerous task to look for buildings that have been stored. Thank you.
  2. Does anyone know yet what Sorceries will do?

    It's new tab spotted in Inventory. "You can get them by participating in an event or by winning them on some occasions".
  3. teleport and military

    A FS member ran into a space problem, and since she doesn't fight a lot she wanted to use the teleport on her training ground, but that doesn't seem possible. I understand the barracks is a required building and thus cannot be put into the inventory, but why can't the mercenary camp and the...
  4. A better way to approach inventory (non-game breaking)

    I read earlier that InnoGames has NO intention of ever doing inventory (for storing buildings while rearranging the city.) It was stated that it would ruin one of the main challenges of the game (space management and strategy thereof.) How about, instead of approaching it as an alternative to...
  5. INVENTORY BAG - expand the feature & make permanent.

    INVENTORY BAG - expand the feature & make permanent. I love the inventory feature recently introduced...can the developers expand this feature and make it permanent for all won & purchased items???? I have won 5 buildings in the current Summer Solstice Contest [SSC], yet I don't want to put...
  6. New Feature-inventory

    I don't know if anyone has talked about this before, so forgive me if i missed it. I really wish i could inventory my roads and or buildings when i try to re-arrange my town. I don't have a lot of land yet and it gets filled fast when i do get more space. When i try to change the layout as my...
  7. Supplies balance visible in Accept offers

    I feel it would be handy if: When using the Trader, your supplies balance would appear somewhere in the accept offers window. That way, when trading, you would know what you have on hand without needing to calculate it in your head or switch screens. It would also be handy if: This balance...
  8. Maz Mellor

    Magic Academy spontaneously creates unresearched spell

    Game version: v1.0-8d01b7a-(master) (2016-03-02 15:58) Game world: Arendyll, Winyandor Browser + version: Chrome 48.0.2564.116 (64-bit) Flash Player version: Bundled Operating System: OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 Screen resolution: 1440 x 900 Account name: Maz Mellor Humans or Elves: Elves...
  9. Good Disappearing

    Fellow clan member has had this happen several times since update and today it happened to me. Goods are being produced or traded for and never going into inventory. Today I started with 6700 planks, needed 7500 for an expansion in the learning objectives. Someone had 1000 up in 100 increments...
  10. Did not get the spell I got for task

    I just received my first spell after completing a task for 40 marble on Winyandor. When I went to look at it in the new bag inventory, nothing was there. Nothing I can show...if I get another I will screenshot it and update if it happens again or not. Thanks.