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  1. Shakal5000

    Veterans are leaving the game, why??

    There are two central reasons that are leading many players to stop playing, and recommend the game to friends and family, and both reasons are associated with changes in the tournament. 1st - The first and most important reason also happened because of the first change in tournaments. The good...
  2. Shakal5000

    Which player is more important to Elvenar, veteran or rookie??

    I'm a brazilian gamer, and I came to this forum to bring this important topic of discussion, because like many, I care about the game, it's my favorite game. I've already posted there, but the brazilian forum is empty, most players who frequented the forum have deleted their accounts or stopped...
  3. FED UP with rune roadblocks

    I finally was able to unlock Dwarven Ancient Wonders. I had about 12 provinces that I had left at 7/8 that I was planning on closing out as soon as I made it to DAW bc I was sick of getting nothing but Martial Monastery and Crystal Lighthouse runes (I've got 37 of the latter that are doing...
  4. Ready to quit bc of inability to build a real city

    It took me all of 10 minutes to create the five 3x3 tiles in the .jpg The only one I really care about is the blank one in the center. The others were thrown together (yes, I know they look that way) with things that are already existing graphics. I want to have options for building my city...