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  1. fairyfluffernut

    Trades Trade

    This is the thread where you can trade knowledge points with other people in Winyandor. Before you leave, please notice that at the bottom of this screen you have the option of watching this thread and being notified of changes in the thread by email. I will start the thread by posting a...
  2. Active, Fun-Loving Competitors Welcomed

    Fair Trade Reborn is seeking a few active players to join our group of competitive, growing members. We do have a few requirements and a few preferences to help us all work together and support each other: Required: No drama. We are there to have fun. Please leave politics and strife for...
  3. Enough is enough

    To all other posters here: (Also posted this on the beta-forum) Perhaps we haven't always been in agreement, but generally speaking I found that the players here have been trying to get themselves heard. And over all I've enjoyed the posts and discussions. However, player feedback seems to have...
  4. Add Fair Deal filter

    I'd really love to have a filter "Show two stars and up only" on the Trader menu, Accept offers tab, under the headline Filter, next to the Fellowship filter. This would benefit the Trader generally and save everybody's time. You'd see at a glance when to accept trades and when to set up your own.
  5. Build the Best

    Once upon a time in a mystical world in the land of Elvenar a fellowship was recruiting active elves and humans to form the Best Fellowship Ever. Beautiful cities flourished under this fellowship as the people of the land discovered the mysteries of Elvenar. Our purpose is to help our...
  6. Trade Coins for Supplies

    Surely I can't be the first to suggest this. If you have a bucket load of coins and not so much supplies. It would be nice to be able to buy some supply points.

    We have 2 openings. We are looking for friendly, active players who have boosted steel. Must be in at least the third chapter. Must be willing to make fair 2 star trades. Our Fellowship thrives well because we focus on our boosted items and trade frequently. Message me, xyleanne69, in game or...
  8. Trade coins and supplies for goods

    When trading goods, it would be great if you could offer coins and supplies as something to trade with. I understand that we can buy goods from the Trader, but we cannot do the opposite. It could be a set price so you could not ask for a ridiculous amount. Possibly base the cost on how much it...
  9. Vendible Bards seeking active players

    All spots currently filled! Welcome to our new members! Will post again if new spots become open. For now, have fun and enjoy your game! :)