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  1. Lemon Wren

    Newbie Questions Potpourri

    Hi. Been playing a couple of months now, I'm in Chapter 3 and I think I have more questions now than I did when I started when my only intention was to build a fun city. In no particular order: Fellowship Adventures. I'm in my first one now and I feel like it just appeared without warning. Are...
  2. Allow all 3 of the training camps to train 5 troops so you can train 15 groups not just 5

    One of the biggest problems I have faced in the tournaments is trying to train enough troops. I have my barracks upgraded as far as I can go and the other camps as well but it is hard to have to decide which group of units to train when I want groups from each camp. It would be really useful if...
  3. Two Troops Spell Suggestions

    On behalf of the Fair Trade Family fellowship, we'd like to ask developers to consider creating two new spells: One would temporarily double the speed of training troops, and one would temporarily boost defenses of troops by anywhere from 15-30%. We have no spells to aid in military combat. My...
  4. [12555] Dvarven Bulwark not giving sword dancers.

    For about two weeks now my Dwarven Bulwark is producing sword dancers but when collecting them they are not added to my army camp. I sent a ticket and it is still not corrected and whats more they have no intention of replacing these lost troops. Being robbed and brushed off is a great way to...
  5. Battle Strength

    In the update 1.17 Elvenar wrote: We have given the Army Selection Screen a major overhaul: you are now able to see easily which unit is strong against which other units. Then in update 1.18 it tells us: We are adding even more UI improvements to the Army Selection screens. Hovering a unit now...
  6. Troops

    Where can I see the number of soldiers I have?
  7. Troops

    Do you know why some people can still produce troops & I can't? I have been patient but am getting no results & no answers. I am falling behind and losing a ll of my supplies to open provinces. Please advise. If it was everyone i would get it but i find it strange that most of my fellows are...