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Battle Strength


In the update 1.17 Elvenar wrote: We have given the Army Selection Screen a major overhaul: you are now able to see easily which unit is strong against which other units. Then in update 1.18 it tells us: We are adding even more UI improvements to the Army Selection screens. Hovering a unit now shows you which units it's good/neutral against, making it easier to choose the right unit to get the job done; and More tooltips have been improved to give you more information about the units' strengths.

I get all that, but what do the different colors mean on the "Choose Your Troops" page. I have seen red, yellow, green and blue. What do these colors mean to me as I select my troops for the battle?

Does anyone know the answer?


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Its just a graphical representation of the troop under it...

So in your image, you are hovering over treant...At the bottom of the treant window you see that treant is good against heavy ranged unit...the picture for heavy ranged unit in that window is the little flaming ball...

At the bottom of the screen in the enemy troop type, the little flaming ball shows over the picture of the heavy ranged, Purple sparkly over mages, blue sword over light melee..etc etc

When you hover over your troop....the little image will pop up and obscure the picture of troop types that your troop has some kind of bonus against....and any troops that are the same type as your unit

If the image doesn't get obscured...if it kind of "greys out" and blurs....then the enemy has a bonus against your troop...

Troop level, does not have an impact on the picture.

I think. This is a brand new feature, I have not heard or read any kind of explaination for it any where.... What I told you, is what i noticed...I think its right.

I believe they probably added it to make troop selection easier for new players...They just hover over their troop type and select whichever troop is best by seeing which pictures light up...?? Pretty much, here in the forum we just talked about not liking it.

Somebody, any body?
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It happens when you scroll over any of your troop. The enemies that your troop is good against light up. The different colors and symbols are the new design for the different types of units light melee, heavy melee, etc
It is to help players with the selection process. There is additional info under the ? if you click on that too.
That is their way of saying your Treant is good against the enemy canon. What that means is open to interpretation. In some cases it is a defensive bonus, in some an offensive bonus and the enemy that lights up will have no bonus against your troop in return.
I wouldn't want treants in a canon heavy fight bcs they are too slow and would take a beating getting to the canon
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