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  1. Silver Lady

    Training Grounds or Mercenary Camp

    I’m at the start of Chap 8 Orcs & Goblins and have a military question. I can only auto-fight as I play on a tablet. To conserve space and population, besides my barrack, I’d like to have only a Trainning Grounds or Mercenary Camp. Currently when I fight I find that I mostly use units produced...
  2. Selamta

    Hello Just started and LOVIN it!

    Hello :) I just started the game last night and I am really enjoying it! I LOVE elves, dragon, magical creatures... and the animation is so cool on this game! Everything is really interesting and eye-catching. I believe I'm in chapter I. (the chapters relate to the "Research Book" right?) I...
  3. Problems for all newcomers creating cities.

    I happen to be lucky to belong to 2 different fellowships that are helpful in so many ways. I am fairly new to your game. I have some questions that maybe you can answer: 1. Can't win battles, impossible odds. Older members in the game don't fight they negotiate. They tell you not to fight...
  4. Enough is enough

    To all other posters here: (Also posted this on the beta-forum) Perhaps we haven't always been in agreement, but generally speaking I found that the players here have been trying to get themselves heard. And over all I've enjoyed the posts and discussions. However, player feedback seems to have...
  5. Battle Strength

    In the update 1.17 Elvenar wrote: We have given the Army Selection Screen a major overhaul: you are now able to see easily which unit is strong against which other units. Then in update 1.18 it tells us: We are adding even more UI improvements to the Army Selection screens. Hovering a unit now...
  6. Having a lot of trouble lately with fights

    I am on the third ring and I'm having a lot of trouble with fights. I cannot seem to win any more fights. I only have the archer and the sword dancer. I feel stuck. I also am trying to do the circus tent thing and it wants me to come up with 1000 or each good. That feels impossible right now. I...
  7. Maz Mellor

    Dragon Magic V - The Sacrifice

    OK, I give up. How do I get this quest to complete?? I went into battle, dutifully lost 33 paladins and 11 priests, and lost the encounter. But I did not get any credit for the quest; both progress bars remain at zero. What am I doing wrong??
  8. Fix our Maps Please and ease up on fighting

    On some of my cities, half (or more) of my neighbors' provinces have coins. Yet, there are still many with MH building that have not changed in weeks. "Dead" provinces should be replaced by active players, not the silly coins that give you 1/2 the coins that your MH gives. This is a serious...
  9. Tournaments

    From the international forum: Dear Elves and Humans, In the last InnoGames TV Episode Timon and Oliver granted you a sneak peek into our next big feature: Tournaments. Today we would like to inform you that we have already started the open beta phase for that feature on our Beta world. After...