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[16560] Chat box not working?


Active Member
For the love of all Elvenar gamer's sanity, can the Dev's please read this frequently and/or let us know what in the world is going on? We heard that they were changing the third party who runs the chat....months ago....we heard that it's been re-set, many times.
Refreshing and refreshing over and over again is causing more and more players to flat our stop communication with fellowships and the frustration of TRYING to type in the chat is overwhelming.
We have the Fellowship Adventures starting soon over here and I don't think I should have to tell all of my members to join ANOTHER site (like Discord, which is a great idea) just so we can stay in communication. Messages are fine but not as easy to keep communications open with a fellowship.
Pleeeeease improve chat.

"Whanght Wha Whanght Wha Wha" (message ignored) Pretty soon you will have to pay 1 diamond per chat entry!


Our FS has started to depend mostly on using the Messages instead of the "chat" for most things. Chat is rarely available so we gave up on it.


Line app is very useful for mobile players and there's a pc version if you have to resort to that.
And others can't see it like in Discord.

Verified there is both PC and Mac versions and android and IOS versions also.
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Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
Same here, right after the FA ended in Winy and Khel chat died. However, it still works in Aren for me. I send an FS wide message in Winy and Khel asking if others have the problem or if chat is working for them. Everyone who has responded have said chat doesn't work. No one has said it does.

The chat window shows "Loading chat history...", but it never does. Strange. I had been working pretty well this past week, only dropping out maybe one a day or less. Was beginning to smile about it. now, ¯\__( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)__/¯ I don't know.


Buddy Fan Club member
Great timing! And for me, it's working in K world where my baby city isn't even doing the FA. But in E world where I'm coordinating? All the clearing cache and browser restarts in the world aren't helping. I keep repeating in my head 'they're testing a new chat server in beta' (about 1.5 weeks in testing expected to take 4 weeks) but that's cold comfort at the moment...


Chat is down in Winyandor, Felyndral, Khelonaar and Elcysandir right now. It started a bit after the Adventures ended today...


I had sent a ticket in and they forwarded me to patch 1.55 out May 31. I don't see chat mentioned there...

hvariidh gwendrot

Well-Known Member
hey your chat is broken again lol any chance you guys can fix your bugs vs just having players report them ?????????????????

p.s. especially the same broken code everyone keeps reporting ? just saying if you can't fix it just close all threads having to do with reporting unfixable bugs like your ongoing chat problems and save yourselves the hassle of closing threads about things that can't be fixed :p
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