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Not quite ready for a proper suggestion, but thought I'd post to get general thoughts on challenges and rewards:

Achievements are self-contained game goals that offer challenges, satisfy goal-oriented players, and allow others to see your accomplishments
  • Reaching bronze/silver/gold spire (this achievement already exists in-game as a medal on the FS page)
  • Reaching chapter X (this achievement already exists in-game with rewards such as new avatars and city art on the world map)
  • Reaching X score
  • Completing X tournament chests for the first time
  • Having a full FS of 25 members for the first time
  • Getting 10 chests in the [steel] tournament for the first time. (this ALSO ticks one of 9 boxes for the Full Cycle achievement)
  • Completing 10 [crystal] provinces then 25, then 50
  • Logging in 30 days in a row
  • Provide neighborly help 10, 25, 100, 1,000, 10,000 times
  • Solve 1,000 tournament encounters
There can be a vast array of minor or major rewards for completing these. One of the more interesting rewards for an achievement that doesn't' cause any balancing issues is the awarding of titles:

For example a player who completes the Achievement
"Solve 10,000 encounters (of any kind) without fighting"
Earns the title "the negotiator" so that on the forums and on the fellowship/rankings pages their name shows up as
"SoggyShorts the negotiator"

Or "Fight and win an encounter with no losses"
"Soggyshorts the bloodless"

Or have a player accept your FS invitation
"SoggyShorts the diplomat" (the recruiter?)

Edit1: Another rare reward could be an avatar.Or different banner skin for our city names (thank you @AtaguS )

Anyways, players can then select their title from a drop-down containing all of those that they have unlocked.

The possibilities are quite literally endless. Some should be extremely easy and simply award "Achievement points" while others like the final neighborly help task of 10,000 visits would reward a title, and/or coin/supply instants(since those are relative to visits)
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i like this idea the idea of a title especially. you could make them pretty funny too. E.G: logging in thirty days in a row, [name] the sleepless

you could make them for an entire fellowship too and then the whole fellowship a reward you could take this a step further and give the whole fellowship list of possible titles.

as long as the goals where things that had to take time so you couldn't just use a shanty town to complete them i don't think this would cause any balancing issues

i think rather than it being something you want to get done because there are such good rewards make it something that just kind of happens eventually and when it does you get a little prize.

i really love this idea and would vote yes if you set up a poll


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I really like this idea.
Earning titles is a great way to mark the achievements, and I like that we would be acquiring a greater and greater list of options.

Additional ideas could be a special avatar? Or different banner skins for our city names...
I'm not sure I'd like it if the rewards were things like time instants, relics, etc. (Although perhaps a butterfly grove, or other small, small culture item for the really biggies)

For players just starting out it would be a small, but appreciated, bit of encouragement to keep logging, keep exploring different aspects of the game. And for veteran players it would be a nice treat to add a title to their name, or a special decoration somehow to their city view.

I'm picturing a little side character popping in the way they do at times during an event to announce the newest achievement and offer congratulations. Just something fun and encouraging.

It gets my vote.


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I always enjoy these achievements in other games, especially if they are clever. It is also a good way to get people doing things, as there will always be those who need to achieve all of them just for completion's sake.

Perhaps the avatar idea could be for completing all achievements?

It would be fun if there was an achievement associated with each guest race for doing some particular combination of things that would be amusing. I'll have to think on this.

Other achievement ideas:
Casting X Enchantments
Placing/Accepting X Trades
Crafting X Recipes
Crafting all recipes (??)


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The only thing that needs to be fixed is on buildings that have an expiration date needs to turn grey when the time expires so it is easier to spot them when the building expires


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Don't need any special achievements just play the game and shut up
Well, that's harsh. Nobody NEEDS anything here - it's all a game, all for fun, and folks seem to think this would add to it.
The only thing that needs to be fixed is on buildings that have an expiration date needs to turn grey when the time expires so it is easier to spot them when the building expires
And that's a very bold statement. Plenty of things could be improved. Regardless, this suggestion has been made on another thread, probably more than once. I found this one archived; since it's closed you might want to start your own suggestion about the things you think are important.


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The only thing that needs to be fixed is on buildings that have an expiration date needs to turn grey when the time expires so it is easier to spot them when the building expires
This should have been placed in/as a different thread, but I'm going to comment anyway: I'd rather have expired buildings no longer require road connection once expired. Some have decent culture so I want to keep for a bit, but am limited to coveted road access or else it is grey with disconnection-alert symbol (not a pretty sight). As far as notification, I don't feel the need for it but I understand why others might. I would expect all that is needed is a temporary hovering alert, like we see with most (or all, idk) buildings that are ready for pick-up, and goes away once acknowledged.


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Regarding the actual topic here, I support it.
I am intrigued by the idea(s) and looking forward to seeing it take shape (no opinion on that aspect yet). I can't imagine what variation of this that would change my mind. You can expect to count on my vote when the time comes.


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I think this is a fun idea. Rewards for "shutting up and playing the game" ;)
Maybe add some city art; AWs give cliff art; these could add something roaming through the forest on the left or hanging off of the bridge in the lower right.
I also like the idea of individual and FS achievements.


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I love Soggys idea but can we have a blow torch to melt this dang snow?
Snow was gone when I began almost a year ago and I don't know the history...

But I suspect that perhaps the snow will go at the conclusion of this event. This event is about helping with the transition from winter to spring, right?

Makes sense to me.
If they don't, then they should have. :cool:


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My girlfriend loves achievements in games. Just the other day she wanted me to do something in Dauntless so she could get a final achievement on her PS4. Me on the other hand, they mean nothing at all.

I'd say achievements ARE a good idea because some people like them... but when games have achievements like 1 suggested above... "provide neighborly help 10 times"... I just wonder if that is actually an achievement. Almost like saying you get an achievement for taking ten breaths. They are more like milestones.

I'd like a category of achievements, that are only things that take skill.

Like fighting certain sized battles and winning with 50% troop strength or less. Or whatever people come up with that is skill based. Whether fighting, negotiating a spire with minimal fails, etc.

Definition of achievement.. " a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill ".

When you start mixing up things that are actual achievements, with things that are so easy they aren't achievements at all, like every game I've ever played does, it sort of makes the entire achievement thing lose its value to me.

Just my thoughts. There should be an achievement category.... as well as milestone category. Differentiating between the two would be good to me.

OP your achievement idea however good, and it is, won't keep people playing this game as much as the devs spending time to add fun content or modes of play, so, I think this will be a back burner idea for them.

But threads like yours will make it easier on them when/if they ever finally decide to do something like this.


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Maybe add some city art; AWs give cliff art; these could add something roaming through the forest on the left or hanging off of the bridge in the lower right.
yessss that would be amazing

ideas for milestone / achievments:

completing a fight in a very hard province (this would need pretty good rewards to offset the losses)

making 100 bevarges [name] the thirsty

beating a boss in the spire for the first time

completing chapter X / completing Chapter X in a relatively small amount of time

fellowship acheviments:

having 25 members

each fellow taking X other fellows trades

having a total of 10,000 visits between FS members

do X paths in the FA