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Has it been a year already?


Well-Known Member
What's up Elvenar?
I hope everyone is doing well. It looks like the game has changed a fair bit for the better- even a few familiar suggestions seem to have been implemented and a couple of major requests for tournaments are coming soon as well.
TBH I can't remember (or find) the list I posted when I left, but the direction INNO has taken since appears to be on the right track.
So, how are things?



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Whoo Hoo! Mr SoggyShorts!
Stay please stay!! We sure miss your fine mind and I know you miss our cake.
Fabulous to see your drippy self. :) How've YOU been?
I do miss the cake...
I've been well, thanks for asking. I've missed the forums and I think I'll be sticking around for a bit but I'll give Beta a try first and see if the upcoming tournament stuff is a bust or not. The reduction from 4 encounters to one that I requested here is excellent, but it seems to be coming with a major balance change that doesn't sound too good at first glance.
Also, I guess I missed out on a Bear that is as important as the Fire chicken? We'll see...

Gath Of Baal

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Some might take a little effort to implement, but really there are a few major Quality of Life changes that could be implemented during someone's lunch break
Hey, Dave, can you do this while you have your coffee?
  1. Add the scout icon to the main bar so players can see if it is available.
  2. Make the start of the chapter more obvious by having the advanced scouts tech to the left of the dividing line.
  3. Implement hotkeys on the fight page for selecting troops.
  4. Change event quests from "produce boosted T1" to "produce any T1" to make it fair for players with larger level 1 factories.
  5. Add blueprints to the inventory so players can see how many they have.
  6. Replace every "Awesome" pop-up with just a floating text.
And others that would take some time but it would be measured in hours, not months and should certainly not still be an issue years later.
  1. Replace the FA quests with the Crafting Challenge system so that collecting 1 beverage automatically gives 1 Dwarven Badge and 1 toolbox automatically gives 1 Blacksmith Badge.
  2. Implement the mobile features on the browser and vice-versa- there should never be such a massive imbalance between features that players are sitting in front of their PC doing visits on their phone.
  3. Fast visits, "auto next tournament spot", and "set all" workshops on browser like on mobile.
  4. Donate KP and have messages on mobile like on browser.
  5. Messages upgrade: autocomplete names, Sticky threads, "select all mages" add fonts/bold etc.
  6. Notification overhaul:split trades, visits, and other into different tabs.
  7. When a wonder that we donated to completes, tell us who's wonder it was.
  8. Chat upgrade: Add more channels such as Mages, Whisper, Gobal 1-10, Trade, Event, and Help.
  9. Trader upgrade: Add a cross-tier filter, allow partial trade purchases, and move trades with the best ratio to the top.
  10. Matchmaking: Add some basic features that allow FS and players to find each other like letting FS set recruiting status and minimum requirements while letting players filter fellowship lists by the same.
These are all universally desired features with no drawbacks (since they don't affect game balance) A company that pulls in over $200,000,000 per year with over 400 employees should be able to handle something that an indie company does in some guy's basement.
onsider this my parting gift to the players:
Use the above lists to hammer at the devs during every Live Q&A. Drown out the players constantly asking for building rotation and praising the art of some new unicorn. Don't let the Devs off with their usual "We have something in the works" the answers are all there, the solutions exist- just change the diaper already!

There is your list and welcome back man


Well-Known Member
There is your list
Thanks for that.
Not too shabby, got #4 and #6 mostly for the top list. Solid swings at 1,2,3,4, and 9 for the second.
Combine that with showing KP chests in wonders, reducing tournaments from 4 to 1, as well as fixing the penalty for optional SS techs, and it feels like some real progress was made while I was gone :)

I'm a little surprised that those changes made it while the message & notification are still so outdated.


Well-Known Member
You sure you do not want to start with the US forum? Dare I say it, I almost miss running after you cleaning up your banter trails :eek:
I'm tempted for sure since it's much more fun here and the management is ... let's say "less heavy-handed" than elsewhere;)

Much of my decision to return to the game (or not) will rest with the upcoming tournament changes so my focus will be on that for now.

I do wish that Inno would separate updates though. It's like they want to have mixed and confusing feedback.
If they had changed the fights from 4 to 1 in an update with a simple "optional SS techs don't count against you" it would have been well received by the majority and then ALL of the feedback for the balancing overhaul would have been focused.
Now it's a mixed bag where most responses are "I like A & B, but not C because ___" or worse just a blanket "I don't like the proposed changes at all because I don't like C"
Is it on purpose? Are they giving us what they perceive as healthy Brussel sprouts and tying it together with ice cream in an attempt to avoid an all-out revolt?
If not, perhaps forum mods can take the initiative and split it into 2 or 3 feedback threads?

Heh. Back for less than a day and I found something new to gripe about. Are you sure you missed this?:p


Ex-Team Member
Heh. Back for less than a day and I found something new to gripe about. Are you sure you missed this?:p

I am re-investing in my tea replenishment while you speak, so I can sip on it very slowly while I read your well thought out gripes as they come. Perhaps spends some time on beta, it will give me some time to bake some cake :p I have decided, that is the only way to address your concerns!

The developers have been working hard with all the feedback they received over the past several months. The beta CM knows how to accurately capture all the feedbacks, as jumble as they may be. You should know the presentation has not always been our strongest suit. Even I am guilty of that.

Hah, good to see you back! :p