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How do you deal with a no-help request? (And how People Negatively Interact on Forums)

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My point exactly, everyone who had (and obviously still are) posting are all exhibiting superior, self-righteous indignation. Y'all were asked twice by the MOD to quit, yet it hasn't stopped. Looks like the insane are running the asylum, (that's a metaphor, I'm not calling anyone insane), just to be clear. And I do not have to prove to any one of you what my experiment was about, yet some have made the situation worse by assuming things that were not said...it appears the most 'vocal' can say anything and break forum rules, but when I reply I get trashed, i.e., when someone misreads or twist my words. Way to go, peeps, you have proven that even "nice and helpful" players have a dark side when another doesn't agree with you.


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In my dealings with online folk, I try to remember that I have no clue what's going on in their lives. They may be dealing with depression or anxiety, they may have just been in a car wreck or had no sleep for a week with a sick baby, they may have autism or dementia. Some people are just mean, of course, but in that case, I figure it's even more important that I respond kindly and not in kind. ;) In this instance, I'd probably just send something short back, like: "I'm sorry my neighbourly help has been a frustration to you. I do try to pay attention to people's stated requests but I misclick occasionally, especially when I'm in a hurry. I'll make sure to avoid giving you help in future, if that's what you wish. Hope you enjoy the game!"
I've given this a bit of thought, and I think you're right, so my initial reaction was maybe a bit extreme.


Personally , I’d remove the buffoons and ask questions later.
Click on the username, and then the Ignore button.

That functionality is seldom used, however, as folks are perverse enough to enjoy watching someone set themselves on fire.
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