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How to win very hard encounters when you lack troops, etc. to win.


Active Member
@Willowy , I can't emagine stuck for months, thats when u walk away...
Plus once you're stuck, others see you as inactive cause no progress is made.

I too don't get it also, I'm starting lvl2, and I'm basically stuck again...

I can understand slowing players down with "very hard" provinces, yet
usually attacking 1 square and losing ( 5 racks of troops ) makes attacking
that square easier the next time, but Noooooo.... Even if you kill 1/2 the ppl,
the next time poof they're back.... So 5-7 hours of constant troop training
goes up in smoke in 10 seconds, and you didn't even kill anything.

I also don't understand, if there's no chat, and there's no ingame econ,
and there's only battle with AI, along with the fact that its so easy to get
"stuck", then far too many ppl will quit in the 1st week...

I can't even optimize my city cause to do that I would need an expansion
or two... why isn't there a way to reorganize, without destroying spaces
just so you can move stuff around... have a area to temp set buildings
while you reorganize.... @least thats something to so while u wait.


Well-Known Member
another good ones is elvengems.com

It has great basic strategy, and more details as you grow into it. if you're feeling a bit lost, you might get a lot of your questions answered by reading through their introductory info.
AND it has great battle videos/advice so you can learn to fight more efficiently. I'm naturally bad at anything tactical (fighting) but watching these did help.



Well-Known Member
???? you help:: how?? just rereading things. How do you know a place is abandoned? Sure would love input on that. thanks!!
As mentioned above, you can check the city on Elvenstats.com. However I find a quicker, simpler test is: are they in a fellowship? Almost every large city you see on the map that is not a member of a fellowship is abandoned. They were likely once in a FS, but got booted for inactivity. The converse of this does NOT hold true all the time. Just because a city is still in a FS does not mean it is being actively played. Sometimes a FS will keep a non-active player on the roll to help the FS score or in the hopes that they will come back.