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News from Discord - May Contain Info!


Well-Known Member
A post from Timon which may indicate an upcoming feature:
Yet it gives us a deeper window into thier soul....

So we ( playerbase ) can effect the Devs, but only after we
beat them over the head a few thousand times with the same
suggestion, that shouldda been a no brainer to begin with.
Shows you the uphill battle more margainal suggestions are
to get implemented that may not have 99% player support.

"too many clicks" , hmmm ... well just like the confirm box
for trader offers/deletes was deleted, many other confirm
boxes could have the simple "dont show this again" option.
If coins/tools are full and NH gives more, its annoying to
keep saying , yes please continue.

What worries me the most is when its said.... we found a
design flaw, but we won't fix it cause we already gave it to
you.... yet time after time, they do that exact thing in all sorts
of areas of the game. Are they picking winners/losers, or
are they afraid of the backlash on coins badges, if they
decided to cap non FS NH to say 50 cities/day and fix the
design flaw ??

Inno's track record on unintended consequences isn't very
good. Also its par for the course .... to go 1 step fwd, yet
2 steps back. Here is a prime example of how the Forum
could be a much more envite'n place to be. Something this
simple and straight fwd, we shouldn't have to beat Inno
over the head about for 3-4 years.

Personally to some extent, clicking 200 NH, is no different
that getting a bonus for watching an advert. If you're
willing to do those 200 clicks a day, you get the benefit
from them.

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member

New round of Fellowship Adventures

Dear Humans and Elves,
Brace yourselves!

On Thursday, November 16th, we will start a new round of Fellowship Adventures, so get your Fellowships together and grab some nice rewards!

And don't forget! A significant amount of Fellowship Experience will be added to the FA Ranking Rewards. This round of the Fellowship Adventures ends on November 22nd.

New rewards:​

  • Stage 2: Tome of Soul Experiments (which includes the 4 set pieces of Soul Experiments Set and one Soul Lab Artifact)
  • Stage 3: Solunar Nexus and Tinlug, Star Serpent Artifacts
Of course, we'd love to hear all your feedback in (the rest of the line is was a link into discord, so no need to put it here) ⁠New round of Fellowship Adventu…!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team (edited)


Set Designer
A response from Ligario regarding troops changing positions in later rounds in the spire:

Thanks for pointing this out! It was indeed not intended and a fix will be applied on Monday on Beta and on Live in the near future if everything will work well there.

With it the units order in the second round of a wave will no longer be different from the order in the first (and third, if there is one) battle round. The order will always remain the same.

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member

Ancient Wonders improvements coming live!

Dear humans and elves, Remember the announcement we made a couple of weeks ago? We are happy to share with you all that the new improvements we announced were coming to beta are now coming to the live servers on November 13th!

Ancient Wonders Gallery - on Browser​

This view allows to more easily keep track of your Ancient Wonders, in a similar way like it is possible to do already on the mobile version of the game.

Ancient Wonder Notification - Invested knowledge points​

The notifications will display how many Knowledge Points have been contributed to one of your owned Ancient Wonder by another player. You can read the original post here: <Link into Discord was here>

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member

AnonglitchToday at 4:45 AM​

Ask the Devs 2023 recap.​

Dear Humans and Elves, Please enjoy this recap about "Ask the Devs 2023," and check out all the points we have been addressing. For our most interesting points, we want to mention a few:
  • Our Devs confirmed that up to Chapter 30 has been planned.
  • We have received confirmation that our Devs will slowly work for alternatives regarding Event Quests for early chapters (1-4)
  • We have news regarding the prizes on the Spire, especially from Bosses: Our Devs are taking community suggestions to improve these.
  • Our Devs confirmed they are working on a lot of new interesting improvements for our Spire!
  • Our Devs are considering adding an extra layer of security when deleting Ancient Wonders.
  • In the future, our Devs may touch base on the Fellowship Adventures rewards, but not on a short-term basis.
  • Our developers confirmed that the Forums will remain open for now, but there is no final answer as to whether they will be closed or not in the future.
These are only a few of a lot of new and juicy information. You can check everything here: ⁠(Link into Discord *) We hope you get the most about these awesome updates.

Kind Regards,
Your Elvenar Team.

This is where the link in discord takes you:

Closing the forums (duplicate)​

Do they have a sense of humor or what?


Well-Known Member
You can check everything here:
Can we pleebes get that info too .... lol
or is it really just about closure ?? If we aren't
ka-put yet, can't they post here too these
announcements..... heh heh

( hey Discord ppl , come back please ....
as a famous general said, My (our) demise
has been greatly exaggerated ;) )

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
There actually is a channel in Discord called ask-the-davs-nov23 that has a lot of questions answered by some developers. However, you need a discord account to view them. Since there is a thread for each question, it would take way too long to copy them here.

There is a very short one but no real info it. Someone asked if the Witty Raccoon was based on Rocket from GotG. The answer was:

To be fair, there are a lot of real questions that were answered there. Too bad they won't copy them here.

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member

Version 1.188​

It will go live on the EN servers from November 21st and all other servers from November 23rd. On Mobile, the version will be available during that same week.


  • We have added a filter to display upgradable buildings in the hide buildings mode.
  • On browser, the players will be notified when another Player joins or leaves the Fellowship.
  • Additional inventory search improvements.
  • Some tooltips have been updated to increase clarity. This will happen on Thursday, November 23rd, on all servers.

Bug fixes​

  • An issue prevented players from seeing the buildings under construction when visiting another player.
  • When you were in the moving mode and (re)placed a building the banner of the event on the left side above wiggled.
  • All disabled flags appeared on cards in the AW gallery when the player had no favorite selected.
  • Other minor bugs have been fixed.
Do not hesitate to let us know your feedback on the changes by leaving a comment in ⁠Version 1.188

Kind regards
Your Elvenar team

NOTE: Links would be to discord so not given here.


Set Designer
Posted in the Beta News section

Deadeye Jerry11/21/2023 6:17 AM​

Chapter 6-10 Improved Progression​

We are happy that our redesign of the first chapters with better quests worked out well and was able to improve the game for new players. We also know that some find our chapter progress slow and the rewards weak. This is why we are continuing the redesign of the other chapters to help players not get stuck or lost by:
  • improving the quests to guide you better in building your settlement
  • improving the quests to guide you better in building your settlement
  • adjusting the costs to make your city and economy more meaningful
  • increasing the rewards of the main quests to make them more worthwhile * we won’t change the story and we will add very few new quests
You can test all of this on Beta, from November 21 in the chapters from 6 to 10 included. The new balancing will start right after the update. The improved questline will start when you enter the next chapter after the one you are now. For example, if you are in chapter 6, you will continue the old questline until chapter 7. Then you will play the new version.
Note: your quest progress may be behind your research progress, but this doesn’t matter. As a technical side effect, you may get the first quest of a redesigned chapter again when you enter a new chapter after the update. Thanks a lot and let us know what you think about this improved progression in [discord link removed] Kind regards, Your Elvenar Team

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member

NOTE: After this was placed a few people mentioned this was for beta. Then the CM Solaris posted, "The event will run from 05 Dec 2023 to 06 Jan 2024". So, it's official now.

AnonglitchYesterday at 6:37 AM​

Dear Humans and Elves,

We have a new Event coming up!

Winter Magic - On Beta from November 13th

As winter's icy grip tightens, a group of wanderers stumbles upon a secret deep within the snowy forest. They discover a special flower bud that gives off warmth in the cold. Word spreads, drawing more people to the flower, all unaware of the potential trouble it could bring. As the wanderers break the ice around the flower, the once-pristine snow begins to melt, turning the place into a swamp and causing panic.

Winter Shamans hear about the incident and hurry to the site to try and control the unruly flower. Can the Winter Shamans master the wildflower, or will it melt everything, leaving behind an inhospitable land?

Main Prize: Hearthbloom

The main building is an evolving building that produces Culture, Population, Sentient Goods, Ascended Goods, and Knowledge Points.

There will be a recipe that has a chance to appear in crafting!

It costs 2 Hearthbloom Artifacts and some Spell Fragments and gives one Tome of Snowy Instants. The Tome has the following options to select from:
* Gingerbread Artifact
* Watchful Winter Owl Artifact
* Boblin's Express Service Artifact
* Chromafrost Glacier Artifact
* x4 royal restoration

This event will also feature the Leagues system and the Royal Prize Pass.

Check out the video below:

We're happy to hear your feedback on the dedicated channel: https://discord.com/channels/1136205917306753035/1178656413166342154/1178656413166342154

Kind Regards,
Your Elvenar Team



Set Designer

AnonglitchDecember 1 at 6:07 AM​

Hi everyone!

## Version 1.189
It will go live on the EN servers from December 4th and all other servers from December 11th. On Mobile, the version will be available during that same week.

# Improvements

* We have improved the text descriptions for a few Ancient Wonders.
* The ranking points of certain Ancient Wonders depend on Squad Size now.
* We have made some improvements to the Fellowship's notifications.
* A pickup sound for event currency was added for mobile.
* A quest info button was added for mobile.

# Some bugs have been fixed️

* We fixed an issue that prevented certain players from collecting the last event milestone after completing the last event quest.
* The heart mark disappeared in Ancient Wonder's overview when the player opened another Ancient Wonder.
* Vallorian Seal Tower Unurium bonus was handed out with Community Work pickup in certain cases. Now it does work as it should.
* A Season Pass quest icon was added for a certain quest where it was missing.
* In certain cases, the colors in flat buildings mode were wrong, now they are fixed to work as intended.
* A display issue was fixed for certain portals, If the portal boost effect adds 100% or more the numbers in the portal overview were wrong.
* The Ancient Wonder, Temple of the Toads now produces Divine Seeds depending on Squad Size.
* Now Lighthouse of Good Neighborhood works correctly, while it is enchanted with Ensorcelled Endowment, Neighborly Help on your Culture Buildings also increases the production of all Discovered Resources.
* When the players haven't updated their application, sometimes they can't see the countdown badge for the events. (mobile)
* Other minor bugs have been fixed.

This will be the last changelog of the year, the next update will happen on January 2nd (EN) and 4th (INT).


Oh Wise One
It is very likely that this was supposed to read the Elvenar Trade Center, not the Temple of the Toads.
I would hope so, since Temple of the Toads never had anything at all to do with Divine Seeds. Mind you, if all of a sudden, my ToT started producing seeds I would not complain. As long as it was also still giving me free heavy range units and giving all my heavy range units a damage bonus...


Set Designer

Anonglitch12/01/2023 at 6:14 AM​

Hi everyone!​

Exciting Game Progression Update!​

Dear Humans and Elves, Starting on Monday 4th for the EN servers and the 11th for the US Server. We're thrilled to announce a comprehensive update to enhance your gaming experience significantly! Building on the success of our earlier chapter improvements, we're rolling out a fresh redesign for chapters 6-10 that promises a smoother and more rewarding journey through Elvenar!

Key Enhancements Include:​

  • Refined quest flow providing clearer guidance for building your settlement.
  • Adjusted settlement buildings and research tree to eliminate progression blockers.
  • Revised costs for city and economy development to add depth and value.
  • Boosted main quest rewards to make your efforts more fulfilling.
  • While keeping the story intact and introducing minimal new quests.


  • The revamped chapter pacing will take effect from December 11th onwards.
  • Improved questlines kick in as you advance beyond your current chapter post-update.

Bonus Quest Content:​

  • Up to 3 retroactive Story Quests from chapters 7 to 9 – complete or skip for flexible gameplay.
  • 7 fresh yet nostalgically themed Fairy-chapter quests – your choice to play or ignore.
  • Opportunity to tackle 5 additional quests with each Fairy Ancient Wonder placement, offering substantive rewards – all optional.

Your Feedback Is Valuable:​

We've designed these changes with your input in mind, allowing for a seamless update and reliable quest progression. You might notice a blend of old and new quests as a byproduct of this new approach, but rest assured, any anomalies like the temporary reoccurrence of quests are part of the trade-off for a smoother experience going forward. (edited)

We sincerely hope these improvements will enhance your Elvenar journey and are eager to hear your thoughts. Dive into the newly updated chapters and let us know what you think about the enhanced progression here: [discord link removed] Kind regards, Your Elvenar Team


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
I am experiencing this. I am in Sorcerers & Dragons chapter, and so far my buildings are producing far less than I recall in terms of end stage productions. However my quest seems to be requiring less, only 12 each of the items needed to upgrade things (flasks, scrolls and ghosts) instead of 20. I would guess that this will assist those who are using Portal Profits instead of productions.

I am simply trying to push through the more painful steps in the 2 weeks and 2 days off from a Season, so I'll take the 12 instead of 20! And I'm hoping the really crappy production values are the same as usual, and the reason I always upgrade the buildings quickly.

I hope the 'new' quests are not as annoying for you as they were for us.


Well-Known Member
@Lelanya ,
The announcement said these chgs kick in "after" you
progress to a new chapter. Are you saying they have
kicked in, in your current chapter ??


Well-Known Member
Ok , @Anonglitch ,
I'm kinda lost here, can you help , please ?

Chapters 1-5 were changed, then players were
migrated to either CH5 or CH6 respectfully.
Now I read changes for CH6-10, yet it seems
the announcement said this time it only kicks
in after you finish the CH you're already in. Am
I confusing "personal quests" with CH research ?

After migration, I leveled all my cities into CH6.
Will the new changes effect research, quests, or
both ? and will any changes this time kick in only
once a player has entered the next chapter ??

Will there now be another forced migration, 'cause
the building balancing and progressions all were
balanced on the old tech tree and reqs. I really
cannot see Inno going back and redoing 1000s of
buildings, and any forced migration to CH7 will
really screwup the balance of players's cities 'cause
most event bldgs change to T3. We already have
a glut of T3 because of this, any more will just
make that problem worse.

I beg you, no more forced migration or forced
completion of research/CHs. I did what Inno
wanted and got all my cities into CH6, I'd like
to go back to my slow and steady approach to