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Season of Dreams Discussion Thread


Well-Known Member
If you don't like the new thing, you can ignore it. The game needs to change regularly to keep and attract a player base. I hope the same folks complaining about too many gold mines on their world map aren't also complaining about new features...


I do like this implementation of the season pass much better so far then the version in RoC. I haven't seen any "pay" type quests yet and that is good. Just for reference, in RoC a pay quest would be like "pay 3 enchantment spells". this means you get no benefit from using them, you just toss them away to advance in the season pass. glad to see none of this nonsense here so far. it's also nice to see that if you want the royal prizes, you can use your diamonds. on the other side of the house it's 10 bucks or suck eggs.
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Chef - loquacious Old Dog
I have it on Beta. The quests are dumb, seem designed to force us into an an unrealistic playstyle. I definitely prefer the existing quest format.

I love this as it represents the "magic bullet" of all games. If you can "train" your players to play in the style that is most profitable...well, why not? Ideally they will put the CC in the slot and just keep clicking on anything and everything that comes up, 24/7/365. We are not humans we are profit centers. Never forget that and you will understand everything there is about gaming. They don't build games, they build profit centers!



Deborah M

Oh Wise One
Well don‘t I feel silly :oops: I popped into the forum to say I like this very much. It gives me something new to accomplish everyday besides going through my city almost on autopilot every day. Since I haven’t bothered with the repeating quests for years, I am happy to have a refresh on that element. Like anybody else, I can ignore it if I get tired of it. Seems like a win win to me!

hvariidh gwendrot

Well-Known Member
i like they want 3k diamonds to unlock the buildings on rewards so lol not me, and there should be a compensation for 50 visits quest, on a couple of worlds where i have more coin neighbors than active players, even though i have asked several times to be moved, yes i can refresh but seems they should get that ai fixed and move me .. otherwise i'm just going to let these quests happen as i play and not worry over this dream quests nonsense )


Flippers just flip
What is Collect City Treasure? Is there a reason it isn't called "collect event currency"?
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Thank you!
Yup! You also get points as you complete the quests, which gives you rewards in the rewards tab. The further you progress, a variety of rewards are offered. When the reward is stacked, like the ones I highlighted green in the image, you can only pick ONE reward. You don't get both, sadly ):


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    SofD Rewards.png
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The Daily reward chest isn't just one thing. It can be a small time boost or an instant - so far in beta I've gotten 10 & 15 minute timers, AW KP instants, coin rains and supply windfalls.

The season pass is 3000 diamonds in beta now too - that change is part of the latest update, along with decreasing the petals needed to get to the first ten rewards.


Flippers just flip
Thanks! I'm surprised there isn't a little "i" to see what's in the box, like the Magic Academy mystical object chest.

hvariidh gwendrot

Well-Known Member
i have received a 20% coin rain a 15 minute time boost and a s 20% supply boost for finishing daily quests and 2 worlds finished the weekly quests already and 1 i didn't even look till it had done all 4, so basically this thing is small amounts of free stuff for the city for doing things we already do