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Solving Spire Encounters


Mage units in the 15th encounter:

15. Encounter 15.jpg


The 16th encounter consisted of 3 waves. An all Light Ranged Unit lineup was necessary and my Dryads behaved well. I was eager to see what the chest contained and I forgot to take the picture after the 3rd wave. The contents of the chest was an artifact. :)

16. Encounter 16a.jpg

16. Encounter 16b.jpg

This is the end of the first third of the Spire. It took longer than I expected and I don't feel like continuing with this demonstration. For the next third of the Spire, maybe I will reserve some time next week.

ETA: At the end of the next third, I won another May Tree artifact.
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Well, I decided that I should post some battles in the higher levels of the Spire, where encounters are more challenging. So, here is the way I
solved the encounters in the High Halls, the second third of the Spire.

This is a different city, a smaller one, which is in Chapter 5 as well.

The first encounter in the High Halls went like this:

1. HH 1a.jpg

1. HH 1b.jpg


Encounter number 16:

16. HH 16a.jpg

16. HH 16b.jpg

16. HH 16c.jpg

And as I expected, the last encounter in the Laboratory (and in the Spire) was similar but even more difficult than this one, which was why I prefered to cater, the only time I catered in this city. (I didn't cater any encounter in the previous city.)

Please tell me your opinon about the way I handle the Spire. I am satisfied with the overall result, but I am sure there is room for improvement. :)
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I've just climbed to the top of the Spire in my third city - chapter 5 as well.

I want to mention that there were a lot of similarities between the previous two and the third one, but there were differences too. The most notable difference is the fact that the battles at the end of the High Halls and Laboratory (although they were similar to each other) required a different line up: Light Ranged Units in conjuction with Mage Units. I made use of this combination in both encounters and was succcessful, but it was close and really close. What I mean is that even though it was necessary to throw a different formation into battle, the encounters were as difficult as those in the two previous Spires. But all in all, this session of the Spire was fun - moderately challenging and fun. :)
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Great thread moho. I only managed to follow your first encounters and by this morning it's two pages later and all is over. So I didn't have a chance to look at all your posts but I wanted to congratulate you with the spire in three cities.By the way, did you auto fight or manual fight?