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Discussion The Fairy Queen's Garden


Well-Known Member
I'm curious as to why Inno is innundating us with more scrolls? Or is it going to be different for each person? I hope so!

Black watch

Well-Known Member
Oh hell, really ... we were just... okay, I just got caught up on several threads and the issue of scrolls associated with the Spire Library came up as a negative. Well I liked that, but yeah, there can be a point where a good thing is too much. How about T-2 non boosted, or perhaps... oh never mind.......... :p


Well-Known Member
It seems always more fair & balanced to calculate these things as "T2 + 1" or "T2 + 2" ~ not sure why they decide to make these static... but then, perhaps it becomes more like a factory choice: I will place this building because I am ALWAYS so low on my T2's ??? The masterminds may have a bigger plan than I can see... I hope.


I dont mind getting more scrolls precisely BECAUSE its my boost... Hell i dont even know what to do with ANY of those goods, i just keep accumulating millions for apparently later on, but later on there's still no reason why i keep piling them up.
So, scrolls boost? hell ya, i am part of the 33% who can actually unload the surplus by buying KP


Well-Known Member
Here's an interesting observation. The past few days I've been getting all sorts of pet food recipes in my MA, both the relics recipes and the spell fragments only recipe. They must want to make REALLY sure we can feed our Ashen Phoenixes (mine is still in my inventory).


New Member
I enjoy these Events, what I call the Chest Spinners. Its pure raw GAMBLING! LOL! Ok honestly I do enjoy them because it's got new things going on, and as with all the Events, it brings new art to the game. I enjoy the Art Teams imaginations, pretty neat stuff.

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