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What Song are You Listening to?


This song is by a guy I used to work with that had a rock band back in the day and he would play in the local clubs at night after work. It was not on Youtube, so I had to create a video there from my cd so I could share it here. I was always impressed by him because he never played covers. Instead he wrote and recorded all his own music.


Here is another one of his before he changed the name of the band from Flo to Lo
It turned out that another band already had the name so they took the "F" off the name of the band and released the album Drop the F
This is from the previous EP titled Anomaly

Nonchalant Antipathy

Well-Known Member
...I haven't been listening to this, BUT THE SONG WILL NOT UNSTICK FROM MY BRAIN, so I'm seeing if a posting exorcism will work. At the very least, perhaps it will become stuck in your head and our suffering shall be shared. *crosses fingers*

Loki Lyesmith

My all-time favorite Ice-T joint, Big Gun (from one of my favorite comic book movies ever, Tank Girl)


Although I think Harry Nilson did the best version of this song, this is the original version by Badfinger. RIP Pete Ham and Tom Evans