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Winter Magic Event Feedback

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You are equating GOOD business practices with “Keep giving out tons of easy and free stuff,” which INNO has done over the past few years, thus breaking the ingame economic system so that players like me and many others, who have self control and patience DO NOT have to spend a dime.

I am sorry that you cannot understand the SIMPLE business economics of that.

That is not at all what I'm saying. What I am saying is that players who are happy with a game are more likely to stick around and even pay money to get good stuff. It has nothing to do with getting a ton of freebies. Unhappy players tend to say "Why should I pay this company my hard earned money when they don't listen to our complaints and obviously don't care what we think." I wouldn't. I am finding it difficult to understand why you seem to equate not angering your customers (especially the ones who pay to play) with asking for "tons of easy and free stuff". (or why in the world you would consider angering your paying customers to be a good business practice.)

Edited to add: you want me to give you a reason why Inno is doing what they're doing? Beats me. Ignoring paying customers when they have valid complaints isn't a good business tactic, in my opinion... which is all I'm trying to say. You seem to be more interested in arguing the point with anyone who doesn't agree with you. You are entitled to your opinion; I am entitled to mine. So why don't we behave like adults and just agree to disagree because this is becoming an annoyingly circular arguement.

Sorry, another edit because I went back and read some earlier posts and had to comment...

And there you have it....you just validated my point. NONE of the stuff was free in the past. You had to spend money on the game to accomplish what you wanted, which you happily did.

Over time, INNO has introduced free items, and powerful buildings which are more efficient WITHOUT having to spend money. The system over the past few years gave out all these items, creating a snowball effect of player in-game economic wealth. So why should anyone have to spend money?

Ummm... that would be a resounding NO! I just did without when I couldn't afford real money for a game. (Though at some point I did have some extra which I happily spent for a small amount of diamonds.)

Let me repeat that....Why should anyone have to spend money on this game? Why WOULD anyone spend money on this game, when you can simply achieve what you want with a bit of patience.

Why would anyone spend money on this game? How about because they want more than is available for free. Some of the really amazing looking culture items are only available for diamonds and some people, unlike myself and apparently yourself, have the ready cash to be able to do this without breaking their budget. Some people feel that spending for diamonds is a good use of their entertainment funds and more power to them. If not for those people, we wouldn't have a free game to play.

OK, I'm done now... I think...
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I'm guessing not. Even those willing to go voluntarily go through your entire lecture series might understand what you think about why it's happening, but I'll be honest with you, I've got a fairly high tolerance for being lectured at online, and I couldn't scrape up the effort.
Especially from some player that obviously don't know what they are talking about. And I feel are cheating to boot.