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  1. Reconstruction Mode!

    Good day, Humans & Elves, My name is Nate and I am an Elvenar player as well as someone who plays Forge of Empires simultaneously. I have been playing this game for the past year now and I have been liking the overall diversity of this game, as much as this game looks very similar to FoE some...
  2. Repositioning/moving buildings around.

    Moving buildings around and expanding is part of the game. Unless it is part of the game intention to limit choices, why not provide a holding spot, weather part of the city grid or not, to move a building or buildings (freeing up space) while you move other buildings around. As space is limited...
  3. Scepto


    Notice the snowman on the bridge at the right-lower corner in your city? I wonder when it will melt(or magically walk away from your city)
  4. Building/Paths

    I would like to have something like some other games (forgot the names), where you can move your buildings to your building inventory or something so that you can move your buildings around without selling them or getting more land.. This would help me and probably everyone out because the...
  5. Completely Optional Military

    Since the devs and designers themselves have stated that fighting will always be optional in Elvenar, then I believe it should also be the case that all military research and buildings are optional as well. Quests that ask to train troops would likewise need to be replaced with something else or...
  6. Best designed city you have ever seen

    Since the Elvenar Architect is here around, you can imagine what is possible to make from your city ? i think to design a city is art, some people really do it pretty cool, maybe they just play a game to build architecture and design a city they would like to see, like in the Sims game, you...
  7. Graphics Option to disable road connection notification.

    I'm writing to request an option to turn off the "no road connection" icons. Given that the wood elves culture buildings require a road connection to produce mana, but they do not require a road connection to provide culture, I anticipate having a large number of these culture buildings that...
  8. City map navigation

    I've recently added my first mana producing culture buildings and accidentally early harvested some of them, wasting a lot of mana in the long run (both by harvesting before decay, and losing hours towards the full collect time). This is very frustrating and brings up a point I've struggled...
  9. Hello New Member Question

    Hi, I've only been playing a day and am wondering if it's possible to relocate a city expansion once it has been placed. If so, I haven't figured it out yet and would appreciate some guidance. Thanks!
  10. Zoom OUT Feature

    Please add a ZOOM OUT feature where players may see the entire city at one time. This would help in planning and moving. Update: Never mind. Just hold CTRL and turn the mouse wheel - VOILA!! It zooms out. I found this on another thread - Thanks Andrew420
  11. Rotate the city to better see our space

    WOuld it be possible to allow us to rotate the city so we can better see the little spots that may go unseen? I have been having problems with random pieces of footpath showing up between houses that I can't sell or move. It took me several days to have enough room to move the house in front...