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  1. Ronaldson

    Too many provinces to clear for Expansions

    Hello all, The veterans of the game already know this, so this is for the new players.... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE prepare your cities for when you get to your settlement chapters EARLY! That means no later than the 4 chapter. I see too many newcomers in my FS in chapter 5, and they have no space...
  2. Expansions

    Why is there not more expansions in scouting? If you have to keep scouting to get all the relics you need, why not have more expansions to purchase with coin, not diamonds. The diamond expansion buy is a ripoff. I currently have 538 provinces scouted, my last expansion I think was at 400.
  3. Premium Expansion cost and quantity changed

    I noticed this morning the Premium Expansions in my game dropped to 4 available. I think it was around 15. The price changed to 7,000 diamonds. It was 2,000. I looked through the last couple of release notes and can't find any reference to this change so I assume it's a bug?
  4. The Most Recent Wiki Update

    The Mod has closed a thread dealing with a recent wiki update: https://en.wiki.elvenar.com/index.php?title=Expansions The history of the change is detailed here: https://en.wiki.elvenar.com/index.php?title=Expansions&diff=7601&oldid=7340 I wish to continue the discussion here if discussion of...
  5. Does anyone know how large our cities can grow to?

    Just looking at the number of expansions that are ultimately available through city, province, and premiums options, it doesn't look like there is enough space on the map if you were to somehow acquire all of them. Does anyone know the maximum size a city can grow to?
  6. Newbie growth questions

    Hello esteemed Elven and Human members. I have recent;y moved into the area and have run into things wanting to be levels that require larger footprints. Province exploration is becoming a problem too, because the armies are getting tougher and mine isn't yet, so I can't just keep unlocking them...
  7. New Feature-inventory

    I don't know if anyone has talked about this before, so forgive me if i missed it. I really wish i could inventory my roads and or buildings when i try to re-arrange my town. I don't have a lot of land yet and it gets filled fast when i do get more space. When i try to change the layout as my...
  8. Rotating Buildings

    I think we should be able to rotate buildings in order to fit them into into the spaces we have available. Some of the upgraded buildings are nearly as big as an entire expansion (5x5). More times than not I, and my fellowships members, are stuck with a whole lot of extra space but nothing can...
  9. A question about Expansions

    Hi - I know you're building the game as we play, but I'm nearing the end of the chart and I'm finding that there are only two expansions showing but I have around 10 available spaces. Are you going to extend the game that far or is there some way I can get another expansion or two in some...