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  1. Ronaldson

    Too many provinces to clear for Expansions

    Hello all, The veterans of the game already know this, so this is for the new players.... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE prepare your cities for when you get to your settlement chapters EARLY! That means no later than the 4 chapter. I see too many newcomers in my FS in chapter 5, and they have no space...
  2. Over Scouted

    I have over scouted and all cities are very hard to scout. What do I have to do to get back to easy scouting?
  3. Provinces

    All the provinces that I can scout are in VERY HARD status
  4. orcs

    I am getting a lot of provinces requiring orcs. I read that I have to wait until level 20 to get them. Is this correct? Is there another way to get orcs? I am at level 6 right now
  5. Cancel Scouting

    Please add a cancel button to a scout. If you accidentally click to scout a province (one click), there is no way to undo it. This happens to me often. Hopefully this would be an easy change with no downside.
  6. Closed | Archived Province difficulty changed after scouting

    I would like to get an official response on here if I may: Game version: v1.99.2-(ffeb04e) (2020-03-05 11:54) Game world: Arendyll Browser: Chrome Operating System: Windows Account name: Some.one Humans or Elves: Elves Reproducibility: Have not attempted I scouted a Medium-difficulty province...
  7. Expansions

    Why is there not more expansions in scouting? If you have to keep scouting to get all the relics you need, why not have more expansions to purchase with coin, not diamonds. The diamond expansion buy is a ripoff. I currently have 538 provinces scouted, my last expansion I think was at 400.
  8. Show warning if scouting too far

    Probably one of the biggest complaint's I've seen about Elvenar is how difficult battle is. Part of the contributing factor is players don't always know or understand the repercussions of "over scouting". I think it would help if the game gave a warning if: 1) A player is scouting too many...
  9. Amount of provinces needed not in line with progress through the game

    People have been going on for a while about the orc-requirement at ring 11 and hitting that ring too soon. I've been looking at it from a different perspective, and that is the amount of provinces that is suggested (and needed as a minimum requirement) to move on to the next chapter. And then...
  10. WHAT is Inno Thinking? re: Battles

    I've been playing the game for over a year. Correct me if I am wrong, but weren't we strongly urged to get out in the world and conquer provinces? Now we are being punished by the devs for doing what we were told to do. Yep, I've threatened to quit before, and stuck it out. Not for love of...
  11. Change of scout costs.

    I noticed today that the price of my scout costs rose after I got a task message saying Research Advanced Scouts. Before the nearest province to scout was 3300. I haven't done anything within the world. I haven't completed any new provinces or scouted any new areas. I have just been gathering...
  12. Scouting Acceleration

    World map, silk province. Single click on silk icon (to scout) took 1000k coins and about 300 diamonds. I do not want to loose my diamonds. Give them back please. Thank-you edit: Scout icon shows available.
  13. Audible event notification

    I would like to suggest that the developers consider introducing an audible notification that is sounded by the following events: Production of supplies is complete Production of goods is complete Construction of a new building is complete Upgrade of an existing building is complete Scouting of...