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Has Inno finally lost the plot?


Now, to compound things, Inno are updating Beta world with just 90mins of the FA left to run. What's so urgent they couldn't wait until it had finished? That really is stupid.

Another example of Schadenfreude?
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Well, now it's official, Inno have conpletely lost the plot.

The discussion on Discord regarding the nerfing of Ancient Wonders confirms it.

This may be my last post here, as if the recent changes go live I will be leaving the game (along with many others).
They are adjusting it and some numbers, but it is still happening. The new adjustments will be going into beta very shortly. It will be rolling out to live worlds but hopefully with way more adjustments when they do it that are better than the adjustments I saw announced today on discord after they saw all the feedback. I do not like what I'm seeing but they so far added new ways to get the required upgrading stuff and adjusted the culture part and something else I think. It was an improvement from yesterday, not but nearly enough in my personal opinion and still bad for all players.


It goes live on the final servers tomorrow, despite having only been on Beta for a week instead of the normal two, and despite near universal condemnation on Discord - several thousand posts. You'd have hoped the volume itself would have generated some form of response from Inno, but nada.

Black watch

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I lost 300,000 culture... gained some population, and checked my AWs... Enar looks to be better... along with Thrones...
But now, how can you build when you have virtually no RRs and will run out of Frags after ONE upgrade... You can't build when your culture is in the minus!
I have 5 RRs.... how will someone be able to continue upgrading buildings after a chapter change AND upgrade AWs that use RRs?
You can use the MA to craft RRs using Blueprints, but again, blueprints for me go to upgrading my Magic buildings... I need 40 just to do that every chapter.
This game keeps getting nerfed when they DON'T NEED TO, and adjusted lightly and not enough when they should... all the while patting themselves on the back.
My neighborhood continues to shrink and INNO still thinks an end-game player needs to be balanced with a newbee....
When I started, I looked up to the top-ranked players... why would I need to be on some even par with them? Who would I look up to? Who would I strive to be like in this game? Where is the challenge?
Their mindset is delusional and it's clear that THEY don't PLAY their own game... how could they think this dumpster fire of a change is good for the game?
It's a game killer, pure and simple.
I'm trying to find something positive to say to the Morrigan as AM...
I'm at a loss.
I see us stuck in a loop that needs you to upgrade, but won't let you or will take a very long time to do.

Yeah, it's only a matter of time before they come up with the next inane change that only hurts this game. They've made their bed and are going to have to sleep in it.