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Winter Magic Event Feedback

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Oh Wise One
The new ones in this event at chapter 15 give from 308 to 383 pop per sq. while the four from previous events give from 467 to 556
Why do the new ones have to be better? We are getting a few of the best available from the past, they just aren't new. Every choice a player makes should have consequences. Having the most attractive / newest, should always be balanced against having the best. Otherwise, there will be a single path to success which will make all of the cities the same. The Winter Stars and Father Tree of Candy Canes are two of the best pop/culture buidlings in the game, and both are being made available this event.

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
Why do the new ones have to be better?

The very next sentence in my post was "I'm not saying they should give a better pop per sq." Power creep is something to be avoided. The ones from the past are great, which is why I got them instead of the new ones. It's just having some of the new artwork would allow a more varied look in the cities. Having a Winter Star farm does look nice. A column of the fields of gold looked really cool with the wind rippling down the line. BTW, I love the look of the Winter Stars. I set one up in my city so you could see the claw from the crab hotel moving through the little hole in the Winter Star. It was a cool effect until a city reorg cause me to move them.

Same rewards, just a different look. That's all I'm asking for and that was the point of my post.

Crow Last Elf

Well-Known Member
My first ever Elvenar event was Dr.Freakenspleen, so I don't have any comparisions to prior events. I started the Winter Magic Event at the beginning of chpt. 3 and will end it being at the beginning of chpt. 4.

Here are my suggestions for improvement, some big, some small.

1. I would have appreciated having the quests numbered so I could easily track how many quests I completed. If there was an online chart that said, "if you are earning 29 ribbons, you are between quest 45 to 50", that would be fine too.

2. I enjoyed the first 29 quest section the best because I could plan for the next quest. As others have stated.

3. For the other sections, I planned as best I could for all quests in the section I was in to be the next quest. I did not have a large inventory of time instants for quests that took a long time. This approach worked fairly well. There was one 5 day stretch where I had 3 quests to collect enchantments (awarded alternating with other quests) which were roadblocks until the spire and tournament opened.

Over the entire event, I found that the quest that showed up frequently and dictated the flow of the event for me, were the quests to "produce X number of goods". The best I was able to do was to collect from my 12 maxed steel manu's 4 times to produce 6,000 supplies and then later 6 times to produce 9,000 supplies. Since this quest type came up so often, it would have taken a lot of enchantments to make a difference in how long it took to complete this quest. I would have preferred getting quests to produce supplies at least as often since the time buckets mean that every WS I could build/upgrade makes a difference in the time to complete a quest. Whereas with manuf's, I needed to build several in order reduce the number of required collections.

4. On Dec30th, I had the best day of game playing by far. I was able to use coin and supply instants to complete quests and I must have done 7-10 quests that day by using enchantments and instants. I was able to move through the quests at a nice pace. It made me realize there were only 2, maybe 3 days during the entire event where "produce X supplies" did not arrive "too early". If there were more of these days, then the quests to make "X #of goods" or 9h/1day productions appearing as the second or third quest would be more enjoyable.

5. I did not mind the quests to buy KP or to use the wholesaler. I also didn't mind completing technology or scouting as quests. I would have wanted those quests more often.

6. I think that there should be a maximum number of presents that will guarantee the daily prize. For this event, if the average number of presents required to get the first daily prize is 8 presents (for example), then the maximum can be set at 20 or any number. Having the daily prize you really wanted (after considerable ribbon cost) would improve satisfaction and the feeling of control that some players want. This adjustment doesn't necessarily decrease the average number of ribbons required to attain the daily prize, it just eliminates extreme, off-putting results.

7. It would be appreciated if the developers summarized what they took from all this feedback and how long it takes to incorporate suggestions into events. So if the next event (for example) is mostly complete, there is an awareness that this event's feedback won't be able to significantly impact the events until 2 or 3 later.
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Well-Known Member
I've been playing Elvenar since 2015 and used to look forward to the events but now, I find myself playing Elvenar less and less when there's an event running.

Stop and think about this line for a minute. You've been playing since 2015, yet over a period of 4 years you're still ending up playing the game less and less. To me that means that voicing concerns doesn't really do much good. If the end result is still playing less, then at best you're probably just losing interest in the game after such a long time and at worst, you're fighting a losing battle with a company that doesn't really agree with your concerns and thus does nothing about them.

Or in other words...if you don't like it, quit playing. Most games don't change at all once they're released. Games that receive continuous updates tend to have this idea that players get to be involved in the development process since they're playing 'as it happens', or at least get to be more involved than they actually are. Expectation vs reality is a tough lesson for some to learn, apparently.

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
Welcome to the game. I hope you enjoy it and stay.

I would have appreciated having the quests numbered so I could easily track how many quests I completed. If there was an online chart that said, "if you are earning 29 ribbons, you are between quest 45 to 50", that would be fine too.

There are several people that create spreadsheets which give the quests and info about them. Before the addition of random quests, the spreadsheets were much easier to create. The main place I go for quest info is Elvenar Gems of Knowledge There is a lot of info at this site, not just about events. There is a dropdown menu to the right. Open it, click Events and go from there.

As for all your other comments, it is great you gave them and we all hope the developers do act on many of them.

Crow Last Elf

Well-Known Member
Thanks for the reply and suggestions!

I too wish that I could have more of the wonderful graphics artwork on display in my city. Probably the answer at my size is to buy more diamonds for expansions ;) I had my residences at various stages between 8 and 15 and it looked so nice. Now they are all turning into level 15's and are quite boring. Maybe a new type of spell to merge 2 owned buildings in the MA?


Oh Wise One
Same rewards, just a different look. That's all I'm asking for and that was the point of my post.
I think I understood your point, I just don't agree. There is an advantage to keeping around building with older artwork, therefore selecting the newest artwork carries a slight disadvantage. That's a meaningful choice.

Or in other words...if you don't like it, quit playing.
Where have we seen that before?


@Crow Last Elf
You may not mind the scouting, but that depends on the chapter you're in. In the earlier chapters it takes maybe a couple of hours. For those of us who are in the endgame, it takes around 90 hours which is a pain in the ass to say the least and when the reward is only a few ribbons that makes it very disappointing. Same goes for completing tech, that gets significantly harder and at the end of the techtree it is over. I'm glad they added the option for crafting, but having to craft enough to gain 15 VV takes a lot of time and resources as well, not to mention the fact that so much of what is offered is crap that is no use, so crafting that is a pure waste.


Oh Wise One
lol! 5 'gain a sack of supplies' in 6 attempts, yeah totally random!
You should bug report that, because as described by the devs, it's physically impossible to get 5 gain supplies in 6 quests. If two or three of them were "Produce" supplies, then it's apparently working as expected.


Oh Wise One
7. It would be appreciated if the developers summarized what they took from all this feedback and how long it takes to incorporate suggestions into events.
There are twenty different server-groups (not including Beta), only two of which are English, and the developers are in Eastern Europe, so may or may not speak any English themselves. They have never given any indication that they intend to read any of the forums or post in them. The volunteer Forum moderators will pass on any information and ideas that they consider useful. If you want to have any idea of what's coming, you'd be better off joining the beta server and Forums.


Well-Known Member
I find that hard to believe just from my experience with it. I get way too many 2 and 3 brick amounts when I click between the first and second brick in the first rotation. And when I let the bricks rotate longer, or do not click at all and let them finish their rotating, I would get just one brick way more often. This is too consistent for me and why I have collected 25 grand prizes so far, with at least one more before the event ends. So if this is not left up to the chance of when we click, then the game was very generous to me.
Yep, the game was very generous to you. :) :cool: :) :cool: This is a classic case of confirmation bias based on anecdotal evidence.

As further proof of what @Ashrem @The Unbeliever and @MinMax Gamer said (or reiteration, as the case may be), you can watch the little sign next to the gingerbread house. When you click on the hammer button, the number on the sign increases instantaneously, before the gold bricks start their flashy-flashy nonsense.

This may not stop me from yelling "no whammy, no whammy, no whammy" at my computer screen, however. ;);)


Oh Wise One
On mobile, you can just keep hitting the hammer button and never wait for the animation to even start drawing, and it comes up with a random number that averages close to two. The only time you have to pause in tapping the hammer button is to acknowledge grand prizes.


Active Member
I was ok with the event- at first. But- after working hard at quests to bring it up to the 50+ ribbons reward, the game then down-scales the rewards back to 20 per quest. I was so greatly dissapointed in Inno for doing that, now it takes 3 of the hardest quests to gain 60 ribbons...just enough for ONE Gift, and ONE brick click.

If a player is really trying to gain all 10 Gingerbread house evolvers....Inno is making it impossible, unless you spend diamonds to complete enough quests to gain a measly few hundred ribbons. Their sense of value for work is WAY OFF. Scaling back down to 20 ribbons is cheap and miserly.... in their efforts to FORCE players into paying (if they want the prize of all 10 evolve relics)....they are losing good will and my respect.
MANY players in FS's I am in feel the same. Wish Inno cared.

The event is also unfair to small cities....who in L3 or 4 can afford to buy 20 KP 6X in a row?

I love the good parts of the game, and the other players....but Inno disgusts me with their constant grab for more money, and making the game so that ONLY diamond-buyers can win top rewards in events.
This coming from someone who buys diamonds, and doesn't mind rewarding a company for its hard work.

I'm trying to be civil, but honestly it is one thing that angers a lot of people to an extreme.....


Active Member
I completed 2 1/2 bears from that event and I spent no diamonds or real money to do it, so what was the problem for other people?

This event is giving out a building that is basically the Mermaid building, bit for tier 2 goods, and I completed 2 of those while spending no diamonds or money either. So unless I get seriously bad luck, which can happen in any of these events, I would expect to fully complete at least one building while spending nothing on the event. I would say two buildings again, but I have read about the lower amounts of event currency for this one, so one fully evolved building is reasonable instead.
This may be true for those who play 8-10 hours per day! LOL....For those of us who can only afford 1/2 hour per city after work....LOL....you are DREAMING. (IMO)


Platinum Leaf -FB
The event run time is the same as with every other event, however, this "bonus" section started as I only got to evolve my building to level 9.

I think you were doing very well to get that far!
In previous events many players only managed level 7 - and that seems to be the way the designers plan events. That is an industry-standard for most free-to-play games - it is the norm for a non-cash-paying player not to make all the Grand Prizes - which gives the designers some income from people who are prepared to spend real money. I do not think that is unfair, or bad planning - they have to pay their bills and shareholders.

I personally think this new set of quests is a vast improvement over all that came before. I have two cities that have never finished an event; something made it impossible to advance every time. Both have played right up to the end this time - which to me means that this quest set is fairer to all.


New Member
I think you were doing very well to get that far!
I do not think that is unfair, or bad planning - they have to pay their bills and shareholders.

I disagree. Events should be something everyone can finish, paying or not. Games that listen to their playerbase, are the games that can make money regularly, because people want to play and they want to spend, and those are the games that persist for what seems longer than possible. Games that have started out well, but refuse to listen to feedback, are the ones that eventually decline, and then turn events into very obvious cash grabs. Obviously they need to make money, but the income will decline with the playerbase that refuses to be a cash cow. I used to spend quite a bit just during regular gameplay, but since I noticed I'm pretty much unable to finish events without paying, I stopped spending like I used to, and only spend my excess phone credits. I played many games, over 2 decades, and usually quit some time after they turn into obvious p2w, as this is turning into, or if I really like the game, go on more casually, but stop spending entirely.


Oh Wise One
Um, no? The number on the sign never changes for me until after I click to stop the rotating bricks.
My experience has not matched yours. I managed to spend 164 hammers without ever touching the button for the bricks, and got my full nine evolutions and a second building, and an extra evolution, which means I averaged over two bricks per hammer without waiting for just he right moment. It took a little over 5 minutes. Each time I touched the hammer button, the sign updated (probably with the previous result). The builder was frequently off by quite a bit. Sometimes I'd have more than ten points accumulated on the sign for the next prize in the rotation when the animation to complete the house finally went off. I didn't pay attention to whether I managed to loop the animation and skip one or more.