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  1. Keepers of Avalon Has an Opening!

    Keepers of Avalon is accepting applications for active players. We are ranked #40 in Winyandor. We are a friendly, active, team oriented fellowship that requires neighborly help a minimum of 4 days out of seven (preferably 5 out of 7). We of course make allowances for "real life" situations and...
  2. Vendible Bards seeking active players

    All spots currently filled! Welcome to our new members! Will post again if new spots become open. For now, have fun and enjoy your game! :)
  3. fellowship disbandment timer

    So I was in a pretty active fellowship, Everyone was nice and did NH daily, it was running smoothly. Yes we lost a few members but we was getting new ones. Also some of the members had been in that same fellowship since day one of the game! yet despite all this greatness the Archmage up and...
  4. Fellowship seeker here

    Hello, I am new to online games and am seeking a fellowship mainly for guidance and mutual benefits. I have been playing one week RANK:9508 and SCORE:1646. So far I have helped my neighbors everyday but have gotten no love in return. I am a daily player and plan to continue as one. Sopphira
  5. Tuatha De'Danann is accepting new members!!

    Hello Arendyll world, Our fellowship is looking for a few active players! we are a great friendly fellowship with good trades and lots of NH to go around! Our leaders are amazing and the vibe is so easy going! So if your in need of a great fellowship please look us up and apply!!! If you have...
  6. Lyleth

    Join Seekers of the Butterfly

    Our Fellowship is currently seeking members who have the following boosted goods: Crystal/Scrolls and Elixir. Most of our fellows are in the 4-7k score range meaning we are firmly in the Crafted goods and opening up magical goods. If you are not firmly in or above the third or fourth chapter of...
  7. Looking for an active fellowship

    I'm hoping for active fellows who make fair trades and regular neighborly visits. Who is looking for a daily + player?
  8. Lyleth

    Fair Trading & Fellowships

    Out of curiosity - How do folks handle fellowship members who aren't posting fair trades? And what are your thoughts when you see unbalanced trades such as basic to crafted at a 1:1 ratio? Thanks for the input.
  9. The Vikings looking for active members

    Looking for a Fellowship that is big on neighborly help and fair trading? Our Fellowship, the Vikings, is looking for active members to strengthen our ranks since we are weeding out our inactive players. We are looking for players with an activated planks boost since we seem to be short on that...
  10. The Daily Grinders is seeking new members

    The Daily Grinders is seeking ACTIVE members to fill five slots. We currently need members who have Planks, Marble, Silk and/or Gems boosts. We would like to add members who have a score of at least 8k, but we will consider any who apply. Please read our fellowship overview before applying. If...
  11. New Light Haven fellowship is now recruiting

    New Light Haven fellowship is now recruiting new members! Do you want to play with friendly people and have the help you need for trading and visiting? Then, New Light Haven is the place to be! We play and visit daily. All we require is that you do the same. We are here to help each other to...
  12. New Fellowship born for players tired of not getting what they need

    Fellowship Name: Companions of the Hall Hello, I just started a fellowship called Companions of the Hall. I left the one I was in which was scary but I want to create a fellowship that has as much of a balance of goods and players giving NH thats possible! (I will keep a eye on how many boost...
  13. Lunitcs with Weapons

    We need marble, crystal, magic dust and gems if you have 1 or more of these things boosted and would like to join us, drop me a note. :) Kyttycat We are active people who visit at least three times a week. We set fair trades, a. k. a. 1 for 1 same tier goods, 1 to 4 ratio for one tier...
  14. Lunatics with Weapons

    We are looking for a player boosted in silk and dust to balance our trade. If you have these to trade and would like to join us please drop me a note ingame! :) Kyttycat We are active people who visit at least three times a week. We set fair trades, a. k. a. 1 for 1 same tier goods, 1 to 4...
  15. 0

  16. Hello I'm a Newbie

    I just joined the game yesterday and am looking to help and become part of a fellowship. Does anyone have ideas?
  17. Fellowship Searching

    I am a new player and would like to have an opportunity to join a fellowship. Please let me know if your fellowship would like me to join. Thanks, -Chris
  18. Hello from Misty Dawn

    Hi, I'm Pajima. I've been playing for a couple weeks now. I've spent my time working hard building, exploring, visiting and basically just learning my way around. I am interested in joining a Fellowship if any would like a regular daily player. Glad to meet you all.
  19. The Daily Grinders is recruiting ACTIVE new members

    Hey, The Daily Grinders is a new fellowship for active members to help, get help and trade fairly. We currently have six members and are looking to fill the rest of the spots with members who want to be a part of a friendly, fair and helpful fellowship. We often use the chat window to ask each...
  20. House Kennesaw - needs you !

    Hello, House Kennesaw - needs you - if your an easy going person that enjoys playing and helping others. The fellowship is open to all level of player. Any phase of the game. Just have a Trading Building and your good to go. We just ask that you activity trade your boosted goods - in a fair...