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  1. Rolling Hills


    Since the developers/game runners have seen fit to make a recent fundamental change to the game with the new tech tree and new quest regime for starting a city, I would like to propose a fundamental change in philosophy to the game. Currently, the game makes false distinctions that appear to...
  2. Silver Lady

    Discard Guest Race Productions

    I’m I going nuts or having hallucinations? I could have sworn I read in a release note where it was now supposed to be possible to discard guest race productions when your portal storage is full. An FS member needs to discard some copper but neither he or I can figure out how to do it. We play...
  3. LutherTheHairy

    Production penalties for low population and low culture

    What are the good and supplies production penalties if culture falls below the 100% level? What about if my population falls (say, I take down some houses to make room for the bigger ones at the next level?) Thanks
  4. Start on all idle checkbox on factories too

    It would be nice to have the "start on all idle" checkbox on factories, not just on workshops. It would be a great help during fellowship adventures.
  5. Arkadia

    Dragons Production

    Help me out please! I just cant wrap my brain around this new race's production :p or at least thats what it seems.... it doesnt matter how many Faculties i build or upgrade, i keep not having enough apprentices to start 2 new productions at the same time. I'm always 1-2-3-4 Apprentices...
  6. Selectable List/Table View of Buildings

    While the current City View is beautiful, and I enjoy it a great deal, even at Era 2, I have some difficulty managing Buildings, often clicking on and collecting from the wrong building. In the case of some buildings, like Magic Academy, an unintended click can cost hours or even days, which...
  7. Minor change to production pop up

    I have an idea to make a minor change to the pop up boxes when you mouse over productions. Instead of: Workshop Production number of goods produced progress bar I would like to see the "Production" either replaced with WHICH production it is, or have that added. I don't remember what my...
  8. Issue with Magical Workshops and Quests

    I've noticed when doing quests that involve the use of workshops that anything produced with a Magical workshop does not apply towards completing the quest. An example is that I was required in a quest to produce 100 beverages and have 11 workshops one of which is a magical workshop. When I set...
  9. Production times

    How about a 1 hour production being an option for Marble, Steel and Planks. Supplies has 5 minute, 15 min, 1 hr, 3 hrs, 9 hrs and 1 day production timings. For example Level 3 Marble and Planks produce 5 units in 3 hours. How about an option of 2 or 3 units in 1 hour.
  10. Troops

    Do you know why some people can still produce troops & I can't? I have been patient but am getting no results & no answers. I am falling behind and losing a ll of my supplies to open provinces. Please advise. If it was everyone i would get it but i find it strange that most of my fellows are...
  11. New Player Questions

    There is so much to read and learn about the "how to" of the game. I've only been playing a few days and I have questions. What is a good number of each building to have, as far as the Goods buildings, residences, Barricks, Armories, and the various production buildings? Space is so limited...