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  1. residence conversions

    Does anyone have an idea (in general obviously) how many sorcerer residences vs woodies residences one will need to keep up with population? Obviously the total number of residences will go down in the re-organization, but if someone already has a handle on the conversion expectations, it will...
  2. Disparity in Residences

    I have cities in 3 worlds. In world A: Main Hall=L9. Residence=L10 and produces 14190 coins In world K: Main Hall=L9. Residence=L10 and produces 8600 coins In world F: Main Hall=L9. Residence=L10 and produces 13330 coins Why this difference in production???
  3. Magical Residences and Magical Workshops

    I need help doing the math here and an explanation of benifits. The new Magical Residences: 1. Does it up grade with the new races by diamonds or just stay on as you upgrade normally? 2. What exactly does it confer to me and does that change with upgrades? 3 Should I wait for my completion of...
  4. New Residences

    An idea for building new residences. When you have completed an advanced residence level in the research tree I think that from then on the starting level for building a new residence should be from that point. For example First level is 1-3(Elves) so all new residences start at 1*. However when...
  5. New Player Questions

    There is so much to read and learn about the "how to" of the game. I've only been playing a few days and I have questions. What is a good number of each building to have, as far as the Goods buildings, residences, Barricks, Armories, and the various production buildings? Space is so limited...
  6. Residences

    This is my 4th day here, and I keep running into situations where I'm not finding the answer. :( The latest, I have the coins, but am unable to build residences from 3 to 4 like I can with production facilities. Help! :) Regards
  7. Upgraded Elven Residences Getting Ugly

    Why are the upgraded Elven residences getting uglier each time? They used to be pretty, now I don't even want to upgrade mine.