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knowledge points

  1. Application enhancement for Ancient Wonders

    I like to provide KPs to my felllowship by opening a players Ancient Wonder list. The problem I'm having is to scroll from left to right in the AW list each time I have given KPs to an AW or just looking at an AW. Some of the players in my fellowship have just about all of the AWs available. I...
  2. stargatehorizon

    Ancient Wonders KP

    It would be nice to have some sort of auto-buyer and notifications for allocating KP to Ancient Wonders, along with some sort of management screen. For example, I put 2 KP into SuzyQ's Golden Abyss. I do other things for a while and in the meantime JonnyB puts 5 KP into SuzyQ's Golden Abyss...
  3. Knowledge points

    How does one buy a knowledge point, and how does one spend a knowledge point. Can't seem to find the answer. :)
  4. Knowledge Points disappeared!!!

    It happened again! I had 6-8 KP collected, with the grid expanded to 20 via a spell. I Activated a box (Dryad) and just a bit later when I looked the KP were gone. Now understand, the bar for Dryad was previously filled, but I didn't have enough marble to activate it, so I went to the Trader...
  5. New Tournament Style

    So in beta world there is a new style of tournament, where you only have 4 instead of 8 within each , which means the rewards to complete each are much lower. you can now get rune shards and spells but they have greatly reduced the amount of kp and relics you receive. I do the tournaments for...
  6. Knowledge Points stuck in limbo

    Currently on the Research option I can't move a centimeter. In order to get anywhere I have to accumulate copious amounts of crystal, supplies, coins, scrolls and silk to unlock a chest and move to a new level. Meanwhile, my Knowledge Points area is full. So I'm wasting precious KP not being...
  7. Rune Prizes When Contributing to AWs

    I know that some AWs award runes (or rune shards) to only the top contributor of KPs, while other AWs will award runes (or rune shards) or KP to to the top 3 (or more?) contributors. I'm not certain which ones are which, sorry - I just know some are different than others. I have been...
  8. no kp reward for finish tournament

    I finished one tournament with 6 relics and 6 KP as reward. I got only 6 relics. I happened already twice.
  9. tech tree swapping locks unlocked tech

    post update i have a number of techs im working on that are now locked either there should be a cache of KP dumped into the game or the now locked techs should be unlocked https://www.dropbox.com/s/5tlowlmfyt9mycr/Screenshot%202016-10-12%2009.33.11.png?dl=0 this is a should not design a deck...
  10. Ancient Wonders KP help tracker

    Could we get a tab in Research or runes to track Knowledge Points we used to help other players with their Ancient Wonders? Something like the page in Forge of Empire to track assists on buildings? That way we could go back and add to our KP to earn rewards.
  11. Fellowship Perks

    I was wondering if perks for being in a fellowship could be enhanced? Like I am the Leader and would like to run contests or reward active members. So letting us gift things like Knowledge points, ruin stones, diamonds, supplies etc. I know you get some stuff by visiting but again rewards are...
  12. mercenary camp/drone rider

    Though I understand that some kinds of research are needed to make progress in the tree I find it extremely annoying that in the fairychapter there are 2 required topics that still yield absolutely nothing but are required to move on in the tree. And with 84 knowledgepoints needed for the...
  13. scout adaptation

    A lot of the knowledgepoints are gained by clearing provinces. The further along in the game, the greater number of knowledgepoints one needs for each bit of research, but the longer it takes to scout new provinces. I'd prefer an adaptation to the advanced scout feature, where one can choose...
  14. Newbie question

    I guess I expect too much but I find I can not move simple trails after they have been placed originally. ... is that true??? Makes it difficult to move things around for more space. Also, my quest today is to purchase 3 knowledge points but the knowledge point bar is always full and...
  15. Wonder KPs

    As it stands right now if you are away when you 'win' kps for donating to someones wonder you lose those kps. I would suggest that the kps be put in a package to be used when the 'winner' wants instead of being added to the kp bar (this is done in Forge of empire with forge points).
  16. Arkadia

    Knowledge Points was not added correctly

    Game version: 0.26.1421-c0ba048-(master) (2015-10-06 10:53) Game world: Aryndell Browser + version: chrome Version 46.0.2490.71 m Flash Player version: Operating System: __win 8 Screen resolution: __1920 x 1080 Account name: __Arkadia Humans or Elves: __elves Hardware Acceleration...