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  1. Orc creation

    I need a lot of orcs to upgrade my main hall. I have two armories churning them out and an ancient wonder producing more. Is there any way to procure or buy more?
  2. Jegenchant

    orc numbers

    where can i find how many orcs I have holding or waiting to be used in my armories
  3. I am stuck, In Orc land. Help How do I.....

    How do I get enough mushrooms to proceed? and raise my limit from 600 so I can go on? I play everyday but don't understand a few things, Need a little help please, just left a group I was invited to , like to go back to my old group but no one was playing. Would like to join a group also. thank you
  4. orcs

    I am getting a lot of provinces requiring orcs. I read that I have to wait until level 20 to get them. Is this correct? Is there another way to get orcs? I am at level 6 right now
  5. Spare Time Activities

    What does it mean to send Orcs to spare time activity? Where is this? Thanks for your help!
  6. Gaelio

    Don't want to do battles

    I really decided early to not do battles. I generally lost...always lost if I used 'automatic', and I don't have patience for the slow cumbersome fights. Here's the problem, I'm in Fairies and I've increased my provinces to the point where I have to have Orcs to finish a province. The game...
  7. Arel Ula

    Unbalanced Squads in Providences and Orcs

    I can't be the ONLY one with issues regarding VERY unbalanced squads when trying to complete provinces and the use of Orcs when you are not EVEN in that realm yet. I enjoy playing Elvenar, it is my escape from a high stress business owner life, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to...
  8. I'm in Fairies, If I get an Orc's Nest will it produce orcs or just supplies?

    According to Crazy Wizard's Info page (which has been super helpful), some of the rewards like the Orc Strategist and the Orc Nest will only give you orcs if you're in chapter 8 or higher. How does this work? If I get that reward while I'm in chapter 7, will it only produce the Supplies and no...
  9. Posterity Tower or Blooming Trader Guild?

    I'm about to take on the Orcs. Does anyone have an opinion on which of the Posterity Tower or Blooming Trader Guild would be the most beneficial for coping with this chapter? I've heard that it's heavy on supplies, which would suggest the PT; but the BTG has the portal boost : Dilemma. (Yes...
  10. Halloween Reward Value - Chapter Completions (advancement)

    Hey, at what point do you consider yourself "officially into the new chapter?" I just finished the last technology in Fairies and got the chest in the next chapter for orcs. I haven't collected or completed the last quest for Halloween because I wanted to collect it when I reached orcs and...
  11. Orcs?

    What does this mean? --> "Send Orcs to spare time activities 1 time"
  12. Trade or buy Dwarven / Fairy / Orc goods

    Dear Elvenar Team, It would help players a lot, especially if they are only half way through Dwarves or Fairies in the Knowledge Tree, if we could trade for or buy granite, copper etc. You would not need to create an extra Trader (Dwarven Trader, Fairy Trader) for trading for those things...
  13. Repeatable Quests List By Chapter (Declinable/Dwarves/Elf/Fairy/Orcs)

    While i'm sure this information is buried deep in some discussion thread on here... my google / forum search foo was unable to find it which means I'm probably not the only one... So, lets use this thread to maintain a clean list of the repeatable quests per chapter. I have seeded it with the...
  14. Buy Your Way Through Orcs? The Beginning of the End?

    So from what I can tell, you pretty much have to buy your way through the rest of the game once you hit the Orcs. You can't produce what you need to even build another rally point without diamonds. I've played this game for close to a year now. Put up with a lot of crap. Worked hard to build...
  15. ventranolfdarho

    Orcs in Provinces, but Player isn't in Orc Chapter?

    I don't understand this. I've been searching around here for some sort of explanation, but haven't found one that makes sense? I'm the Archamage of my fellowship and we've never really had problems before with anything. Since the release of the orcs, however, suddenly all the provinces have orcs...