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  1. Mama Juul's Fusion Feast Strategy

    Is it better to always go for the 1 star options or always go for the 4 star options? Or is there a strategy to switch between the two?
  2. Ronbear the Grand


    Yes, that’s right! We absolutely *need* a Giant Rubber Ducky as the main prize for an upcoming event! Imagine the possibilities…the Rubber Ducky could evolve from a cluster of soap bubbles amid some swirling water in the middle of a bathtub (stage 1) and eventually fill the tub as if the tub...
  3. HonuMoana

    Neighborly Help Supplies Count for Production

    Greetings, It doesn't seem right that the supply rewards from Neighborly Help don't count as "production" for events and such. The Neighborly Help requires that the player actively do something to earn those rewards. That seems like production, and not just a gain. Furthermore, it would seem to...
  4. HonuMoana

    Diving Platform

    Cudos to the designers. The Diving Platform is hilarious. The animation looks more like Mayan cenote sacrifice than diving, but considering my question that may be entirely appropriate, as well as additionally humorous. Was the top of the Diving Platform originally colored orange?
  5. Lemon Wren

    Newbie Questions Potpourri

    Hi. Been playing a couple of months now, I'm in Chapter 3 and I think I have more questions now than I did when I started when my only intention was to build a fun city. In no particular order: Fellowship Adventures. I'm in my first one now and I feel like it just appeared without warning. Are...
  6. Event

    Hi I was just wondering, now that the Autumn Zodiac event has finished, when the next event will be and what it will be?

    2020-09-20 14:22:50 I have all of these older artifacts and I do not have enough to completely upgrade the buildings I want to upgrade. Please create a BETTER WAY to obtain ENOUGH OF ALL OF THE OLDER ARTIFACTS so people can not only put out ALL of the buildings we have won in your events, but...
  8. Event reward system

    If you want to keep the current 4x4 table reward system, which I think is way worse, than the previous choose from 3 chests system, then I have a few suggestions. First of all removing shuffle from the rewards would make it a lot more enjoyable, because currently it functions as a landmine if...
  9. winter magic and events in general

    Dear Developers! I think you should really think about how to generate random quests. In the last event, most often than not I kept getting the same quest to do over and over. This really takes the fun out of playing elvenar and take part in events. I understand that you had this "great" idea...
  10. Special Event Building Suggestion

    So, it occurs to me that with all of the people who have requested storage for buildings there must be some reason this is not being done. So rather than general storage, how can we solve the problem of losing irreplaceable special event buildings we've earned when they're no longer the most...
  11. How I would design these events

    I hate any free-to-play (F2P) model that intentionally places beneficial game items out of reach and requires a cash transaction (I'm looking at you Grand Prize 3). I believe any F2P game should only use cash transactions for cosmetic items, impatient players, and possibly convenience, but that...
  12. NightshadeCS

    Traveling Merchants - need manufactories?

    I am in a fellowship where we only produce our boosted goods. Does anyone know, do you have to have a manufactory of each type in order to use the traveling merchants, or are these new buildings a good way to get a few other types of goods without building the individual manufactories? Many thanks!
  13. Easter Event Guide: The Phoenix Eggs Spoiler

    http://tinyurl.com/j7e6j2k Rise of Phoenix is from March 20 to April 17 (6 AM CT, 29 days). Building stats are in the above link in the EVENTS & EASTER tabs. The prizes are comparable to the efficiency ratio of the top Flurry buildings for those in the first 3 chapters :) but are less so for...
  14. FS Groups Participation in Events and City Developments

    Some of the newer players who join our FS's are being left out of the events that come along. Maybe the Devs could initiate Group Events wherein the FS's have a chance to have all their players participate in an event rather than just individually as it is now. I think this would go along way in...
  15. Ashrem

    Scout Intermission

    Since there's no event running, it's not really an issue currently, but it would be good to deal with the confusion around when chapters begin before the next event. I've had two thoughts on this. The first is to simply move the advanced scouts to the end of the chapter previous, so the page...